Friday, July 25, 2008

final exam is cOming`

For instant,

LAN subject-less

wakakakz, oh yeahh` nice right ?
But FINAL EXAM is on next Mon, Wed n Fri.
arhhz. . .tension, pressures, stress againz ?
[try Peace Of Mind from Origins. It helps to relieve stress ]

Finally, assignments and presentation has finish in this week. Next is, pia pia pia for exam d. Pretty happy with the finished product, but very tired now though, and looking forward to a break before starting the next semester. Plenty of books, magazines and movies to gorge on after this. The best part is Ruby praised us that all of us did well in presentation even though we haven't attend the Public Speaking Skill which is the subject we'r gOing to take on the following sem. wOohoO, it's always the 1 of the best if u were the 1st group to present [chuckles] atleast u stand a greater chance to shoot the other groups who r in opposition on the topic u did. [hehehz ]
or ermmz.. perhaps we chivvy them ? lolz

To choose agree or disagree with our question, our decision was just as we conjectured. Anyhwo, by hook or by crook we still manage to justify our points well [pheww ] We went to mamak-ing n Sungai Dua McDonald and end up Christopher's house to discuss bout out assignment n presentation. We sacrified a lot leh. 1 of them is my awful look with specs..arhhz
I was insane when i found out the ears of my mickey on slippers have torn into pieces.

On Monday, everyone lOoked so smart n serious with their formal attire. [cheer]

today is the last class for our Malaysian Studies. Therefore, all presentation arranged to finish by today. Proudly saying, most of the students patiently wait until the class end as today tips r given by Cik. Hidayah. To our surprise, she gave prizes for the top 3 groups of presentation.
3rd is won by Hock Heng's group, 2nd is us [ Cindy, Sue Ann, Renuka n i] and da "champion" is Christopher, matthew n the "trism" group [ Winners r expected, so great ovation were given ^-^ ]
Some photos to share :
discussion in Sungai Dua MCD
the "RM1 " toast in a coffee shop near christopher's house
Classmates with formal attire. All lOok like business man n women. [this is Cindy right 1 is Angel ]
Sue n I ^^

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

College life

College life , what it means to me ?


Based on my experience, feeling nervous about starting of college is actually pretty normal. This apprehension is a sign that you'r already interested in doing well.

For some people, college students mean those who fling their money withoit an eye or a thought about it. But this's not 100% true. [atleast i'm not like dat ]

What i like the most is you dun hv to wake up at 6 in the morning ANYMROE, classes are thoughfully interspersed with snacks and breaks and you get to meet a bunch of cool people. Best of all, u'hv seen the last of that awful uniform!

Not all boys are as nice as we'd like them to be. But there's certainly a load of cute, intelligent boys dat u can count on knight in shining armour should the need arise. Atleast i don't miss 1 of the best ^^

Perhaps some might be able to find their ueligible man or lady there ?
Next ..

more n more competitors in study !
and more n more assignments !!!!!

arhh ! mid-sem is over [ yeah~ ] n assignments have to passed up soon! [ next week !!!! ]

omg, this small little thing start to give tension, pressure, stress . . . .

. . . wic will eventually lead to black n puffiness eyes, sore throat, ulcer [ not me ] n pimples !

...Oo. . . relax, relax.. .

atleast we have sketch in class ~
[ like performance ^^ ]

Pengajian Malaysia :

Lakonkan 1 sketsa yang berkaitan dengan Rukun Negara dan Lagu Negaraku.

Some photos to share here although this might not better then the "merdeka" sketch we had it last week. aiihz, is the question not dat eligible to ous sense of humour in elocution? .. or we forgot about the lighting ? . . . ahahaha, i'm juz kidding la. The teacher n students is a goOd idea n the part wic Mat led everyone in hall to sing Negaraku is fantastic

Cindy : Thank you
Christopher, stop unearth the significant news ! n to mat, Congratulations ? lolz XD