Sunday, March 28, 2010

Secret ?

I wonder what people do when they found out things that other people did not intend to tell.
Harrass with questions to find out the truth? thorought research from the other people or friends around? Leave as if you never know about it?

I guess more of less, there must be a reason behind it.

Sooner or later I found out that I'm the person that can't "sit properly" (ever since when I was in Primary School, I can't sit with leg crossed), can't talk softly all the time and can't really keep a secret! (omg, yea.. I just said I can't keep a secret)Anyway, Nvm, cause U guys are my good friends and know me well =)

"I thought you'll tell me. . ."
"Aren't you suppose to inform me?"

Well, after complete Media Law last semester, we know that there's no total 'absolute privilege' outside court. Thus, there's no 'absolute privilege' that we MUST be informed for something happened or exist. Don't expect people to tell you this or that, because not all people do.

Yes, I know I'm having dilemma with myself.

In short, I think everyone has right to own their privacy.

Stop questioning again n again when people refuse to tell !
Its annoying to nudge on people for some small little thing.

Nevertheless, i'll give you ur privacy. I don't want to be a pushy person.
Tell me if you do wish to inform me; hint me if you don't.
If you lie, I'll wait for the truth to be revealed; If you wonder why I ain't care, I probably have given up.
Thank you for your cooperation.