Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sem Break 2009

Assignments, Radio show, presentation, final exam is over !

Glad that I learnt a lot of things in this semester
Been to court before, jz to hv the experience there, listening hw a prosecuting attorney takes place.
That was 1 of the assignment for News writing n reporting in Print Media
Life as an [mock] journalist is not easy!

Was an observer then the next day was the DJ for Radio Show with Jenny n of course the JAm JM[ wic version i forgot liao]

NO more LAW studies !

.. I think I like Organization Communication .. hehhez

Then it's holiday now !~

Well not bad, Atleast I had done something interesting this sem break:

First of all, shopping with the girls

Apartment stay in Ipoh

[tried the "bean sprout chicken" (in cantonese)]

Performed In New World PArk for Christmas celebration 2009
Play n sing along a chinese song
[ my 1st time experience! ]

with my classmates in Fine Arts

Work, work, work...
in Polo Counter, Sunshine City, Sunshine Falim. . ..

then, it's shopping again !~
yeah, get my christmas present from mummy =)

Nina Ricci miniature n lotion [ sorry, if u thoguht I was getting the big bottle... LOL ]

I wish everyone Merry Christmas n HAppy New year !!