Friday, April 16, 2010

My Suncare diary

Lancome UV Expert SPF 30! Yes, this is the 1!

For my friends who has known me long enough (since secondary school or current that keep in touch very frequently), you'd surely know I'm a Princess of Candy (=Puteri Lilin) hahahz

Months I have been searching for suncare products that suits my skin and it's effective.

Bad experience

Due to my immediacy demand, my aunt bought a sunblock of SPF 40 with Anti-aging function from Guardian.
I tried it. It was just not so right for my thin-skin face. After 2 days, i started to have mini pimples in their process of popping out if I continue to use.

Reason: (no brand name mentioned), The texture is creamy and it's too rich and moisture for me

Recommendations to my friends (I'm using)
Lancome UV Expert SPF 30 with Base Lancome UV Expert SPF 50 Mentholatum Sunplay SPF 25 & SPF 50PA +++

These sunscreen has a very light lotion like texture. The finish is non oily and somewhat dewy. It is not mattifying so this might be too rich for those with super oily skin.
Pro: does not clog pores (Yeahh! ), does not make me breakout. Not oily yet moisturizing.
* too expensive. Lancome UV expert is selling@ Rm150 at Lancome Counter. (unless you can wait for months n get discount like me, if not, I think not all people can afford it.)

Other sunblocks I have tried

Sunplay SPF47 with powder Banana Boat SPF 30

(it makes me look fairer) (Other than the 'coconut smell', function is fine)

I couldn't believe that I start to have a small brown spot on my cheeck!
omg, the melanin is deposting themselves already!
IIonly been lazy for a week toapply anythg on face n it turns out like dat?

TIme to pamper my skin with whitening mask d~

Chao ~

Protex PartTime job over ~

Protex Icy Cool

The new product from Colgate-Palmolive

With menthol, it leaves you a cooling sensation on your body while eliminating 99% bacteria
Normal product selling @ RM15.99/ 650ml and RM6.00/250ml

Tadaaa ! yeaa, this is the 19kg Booth that I had been carrying around for A MONTH of weekends in Giant Bayan Baru.
Lol, thank god Epromode hire strong guys like Weng Kit, Tze Sheng and Siang Yew
hahahz.. I was so lucky to have them there to help me out.
If not? what? It's 19kg!! lil more than half of my weight!

Fuuuuu u .. .

Alright, time to have a week of holiday !~

Wish everyone has a nice weekend ! =)