Friday, April 16, 2010

Protex PartTime job over ~

Protex Icy Cool

The new product from Colgate-Palmolive

With menthol, it leaves you a cooling sensation on your body while eliminating 99% bacteria
Normal product selling @ RM15.99/ 650ml and RM6.00/250ml

Tadaaa ! yeaa, this is the 19kg Booth that I had been carrying around for A MONTH of weekends in Giant Bayan Baru.
Lol, thank god Epromode hire strong guys like Weng Kit, Tze Sheng and Siang Yew
hahahz.. I was so lucky to have them there to help me out.
If not? what? It's 19kg!! lil more than half of my weight!

Fuuuuu u .. .

Alright, time to have a week of holiday !~

Wish everyone has a nice weekend ! =)

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Moy said...

you look like an eskimo from the north pole there..