Saturday, May 31, 2008

School holidays (3)

[photo: Karyn, Sai Ye, Ee Leng, Chang Soong, Hazel, Shi Ting ]
Gathered in St.John Ambulance Malaysia Penang State HQ to "send" the competitors who r gOingto Johor. Notice the little space formed by shi ting n my fingers : The little space is for u 1, Vivian Khor ..kakakakz Hope it's more then enOugh ya, as Sai Ye said a pig might even be able to squeeze into it XD

Hope Mei Hwei n Yee Honog dun miss the chance for gathering again

Penang team [ .. include AA, NA ],
all da besT !

Friday, May 30, 2008

School holidays (2)

Attend Basic First Aid Course [day1]
well, I juz have my re-exam on first aid last year. And i dunno why i was attending the course Again with them lolz.
The course was held in the hall. And surprisingly, They have chg to LCD projector d , wat a good news. hahahz,[soree too long away from st.john] n they have updated , clapZzz . .
and even the toilet has renovated hahaz. thus, Wei Ling n I decided to take photos when in toilet =_="'

What I do when feel too bOring ?

yea.. photos photos ~
Me, Siew Khim n Wei Ling
The form6 pcghs st.john member 2008

Oo, we took this in Wei Ling's RED kenari

Wei Ling , i n Siew Khim

Solo time ~

Wei Ling with her RED kenari


We miss u all so much !

Thursday, May 29, 2008

School holidays (1)

i. Karyn n I

ii. I was forced to eat >_<
[ In future, think twice b4 promise to go lunch or tea with her XD ]

Origins , my work place. I met Zhi Ying [ form 3 girl] who say I loOks like her friend, so to prove it, we took a photo hahahz
1 of my seniors in Origins, Amy demonstrating the body scrub to a regular customer. [anyone can let me pratice ? hehehz ] met her 2 friends who have join Mary Kay [another Skin Care , more widely-known in Kl] Janet n Hazel. hahahaz, ya her name is Hazel, using same phone with same colour with me, so coincidence. Btw, another hazel that i hv met in this year is currently studying in Disted- Diploma in Hospitality.
These few days I really had an intensive training. Working 4 days continuosly, I was exposed to more to the knowledge about the skin n body care in our shop. Michel was intend to make me use to all products there. [THANK YOU for the opportunity, Michel. I'll try my best to push the sales^^] Previously, I was so confused about the things there.

Skin is divided into few type [okay, the 1st day working they hv thought me dat ]

CleanserSs, tonerSs, MoisturizerSs, MaskSs, scrubSs.. then follow by serumSs, eye careSs, LotionSs, CreamSs . . . . . . @.@

well, c'mon clapZz to me , now i can differentiate their uses, common characteristics n differences. It depends on one's need. Frankly, in my opinion, There is no brand dat is the best , insteaad u hv to figure out urself wat product suits u the best.

Another work : Sony [temporary promoter-when there is event , Thank you koko for intro it to me ^^]

hahahz, juz to upload a photo here XD The "almost" same post with the pic with the fat rat.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

School holidays

school holidays ~
yeah yeah..
arhhz, seems nth special to me. =_= As i juz started my form6 for 2 weeks n now holidays 2 weeks.. .againz .. n hv to wait for another 2 weeks to noe whether i can switch to cOmmerce class.. zz
24May2008 [ 1month after my bdae]

WE met again. Guat pheng , the birthday girl on 21st May celebrate her birthday on this day. Then, we'll nvr miss Ee leng n mei hwei in da gathering anymore. [ _____ st, the blank space is for u , lolz hope next time u can drive to meet us ] .. n oso sai ye n yee hoong [no need work too hard la harr(i'm different =p) ] chang soong, understand dat u hv exam, all da best ya `

so. . . . laughter n chatters again, yeah. As what the girls always n enjoy to do dat ^^
da obvious different for da past 1 month: MH n my hair is shorter but EL n GP's hair is longer =_=
Having lunch at a Korean restaurant right beside the Gurney side entrance. Ee Leng was cooking it [ahahz, i guess we dun hv a better cook there ] We'r da "sisters", friendship maintained at 12thyears. [haz"EL" 4ever ] XD

The Mango [pudding?] we ordered. Ee Leng really loves it .
The Free models for Wong Kok's advertisement .
Friends, remember to keep in touch o ^^
Leng, thanks for update news with me atleast once a week [thanks to Mr.Tan (ur dad) I know u can make free calls hehehz ]
As I's hearing ur Orientation days in SBS n SOT, It seemed so much fun to be there. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there, but thanks again for sharing, I know u girls enjOyed ur days. feel so glad bout it. Enjoy ur life in college ya `
SBS-School of Business Study
SOT-School of Technology
1 of da cheer I learnt: [cantonese]
1,2,3, 3,2,1
lei wa SOT tak ng tak, Gan hai tak lar ! XD

Friday, May 23, 2008

wat should i do ?

U were always in my mind, I had always put u in the 1st place. I tried n tried n tried to enter ur heart. During my studies in secondary school, u looked so attractive n inviting to me. I heard good things about u. Rewards, achievements all with ur name. My heart jumped for joy everytime i think of u. My lips curled into smile. There was laughter in myeyes. My heart fluttered like the fragile wings of butterfly whenever i see u in my day dream.

Of course, i have other choice other then u. But there, I patiently waited for days, weeks and now months but still u never come to me. And so, I decided to choose the other way to step in my future [without u ] yea, i dump u. I chose to leave n go on my own way. I realised u'r not that perfect that i expected. I'm fine now and i'm settling down.

Today, when I have another beautiful picture lurked into my mind [without u ], i receive a call :
" Yl, We have an interview on the coming wednesday in KDU for NAn Yang scholarship"

wth... stare blankly. NOT AGAIN pls. Why now only call me. arhz, not nightmare again pls. My previous reply from astro: [nigthmare-bad news]

Dear Hazel Lim
Thank you for your interest in our Astro Scholarship Program. Unfortunately, you have not been selected.We received many applications this year and we had a most difficult time selecting this year's recipients.
Once again, thank you for your application and we wish you continued success in your academic and professional aspirations.

Director, Human Resource

U= college SOrry for some friend out there who tot i might fell in luv >_<>
On the phone, her last advise: U dun hv to attend if u'r not interested

gosh, wat should i do ?

Friday, May 16, 2008

5th day in F6

Uncertainty, I doubt whether i should get myself a Econ's or PP's text book. Few more weeks to go without text book.

Looking at the slide by LCD projector makes me fall asleep faster. BUt, but if there is text in front of me , atleast they'll jump n dance before my eyes feel heavy as if someone is pulling it down [hahahz, juz crap .. at last also will ..zzz XD ]

Jx cannot fetch me back as she's working [same as my previous job]. So, Angie n i . . . tadaa..take photo in bus ^^ hahahz

After reach home, I found out dat mom didn't buy lunch for me. In despair and thinking of smthg to do as I'm bored to death, i decide to cook. aha, u think wat ? juz a simple "breakfast" as lunch. well, anyhow, this is my 1st time to coOk this [ clapzZz. support support ``]
Aha, success. [ i consider no "black spot" as perfect d , althoguh skill not as good as miss pisces la hurr ]

Okayz, can't imagine how nice is it ? Just have a look at my cat's expression+ reaction - -
Before I realise, his paws r on my lap as he's trying to climb up my chair ! har, Greedy Grey XD

[st n mun pls dun shout >_< ]

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Life in school-auditorium

[ Hardly believe myself sitting further n further away from teacher ]

arhhz, going to stay in the auditorium for 2 weeks, before enter the science class. Then stay another 2 weeks before I know whether I'm allowed to switch to Commerce [aka Art stream]

so just. . wait..wait.wait. . .

Mathematics S&T

teacher : Mathematics is Easy. [ chehz. For her, SURE larhz ]

but u know wat EASY means ?


YEs,You can do it !

hahahz, dat's the meaning for EASY =_="

Wat to do when u'r nervous in exam - by Kin Ying

Take ur right hand across ur left shoulder and "cubit" , massage ur earlobe on left and vice versa.
Model: Ys n YH
[ do exactly wat they were told hahahahz. XD ]

The timetable.

It is going to have lessons on chemistry, Economy, and MUET tomorrow. [ mayb i'll run away from chem n go econ class? hahahz .. well, shhh. . . ] To my surprise, Ms.yee is teaching Econ in Tanjung [ means good ? ] okayz, all da best for tml ^^ [hope I won't fall asleep =P ]

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

1st week being a L6 student

1st day :
200 L6 students include 38 students from SMJK Phor tay
[ hope they might have a nice time in PCGHS hahahz XD ] n few students who juz come n TRY
welcomed by principal Ms.Yeoh Eng Sim
welcomed by Miss Ng.
rules n regulations by Puan Chan
introductin [once again] to our school counseller , Ms.Lee bee Suan

2nd day :
introduction to Chinese
first lesson for Physics , and another class for account
[ omg sO bOring n it acts like a sweet for ppl who suffers from insomnia ]

hahahz, the 1st word teacher said is Physics is not an easy subject. She even calculated for us dat a student should spend 1 day equally 5.3 hours to study Physics alone.
n so sOrry.. to dat quite ok-looking teacher, Kin Ying n i fell asleep. We can't bear it, while the other "A4S' members sitting next to us listen her word until .. almost holland[i think] XD
btw, not our fault, Auditorium wic is equiped with air-con makes us feel too comfortable [omg the smell of the wet carpet inside . . . can't bear it ]

altogether 36 chapters for form6 physics .
1) Mechanics [ the most difficult chapter, as she said]
2) Waves n oscillation [students find it the most diff chap cOz it covers all calculation]

tips from teacher : students should not study more then 40 hours in a week,but atleast 8 hrs a day
chinese : 除非功课已做完,否着不离开书桌

3rd day :
instead of staying in Auditorium listen to Biology subject, KY n I "curi-curi" ran to class B8 as we know Commerce studetns are going there for talk on Pengajian Perniagaan [pp-business study]consists of 2 papers. It is easy to pass it but not to score an A. Instead, for Ekonomi subject [ekon] almost 50% of the students scored A for it [ imagine-ing we'r inside the 50% . . . . ] muahahaahz
Later, we asked Ms.Yee to hv a look on our Reasons to switch stream. She commented too weak. SO, we went to photostat againz n tried to follow her experince for our senior :

Alasan :
Saya langsung tidak berminat dalam Sains.

.. @.@ like this only will success in changing ur stream wOrzz.. ok la, did wat she told us lo. 2 weeks later then we'll know this point useful noot.hahahahz
.. before say bye bye to my hair = =

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

work in holidays

Days after SPM are HOLIDAYS for everyone

Normally, during these days ppl would do either of the following :
( relate it with me )
- Hang out [ yeah, of course but when i were invited, i declined , dunno y ]
- shoppings [Oowsh, juz realise not enoguh money. . . so . .so .. . ]
- working [ yeahh`, for pocket money n all da stuff i have plan to purchase]
- applying [Star education, nanyang JPA. .. for scholarships ]
- dating [ with boys ? arhz, nth to do with me ]
any other thing ?
aiyaa, now cannot think of 1 or 2 yet .

Anyway, in summary, my jobs in this 4 months :
1) Origins in Qsb Mall [currently still working]
2) Anelene Roadshow [ found it through net ]
3) PC fair [ in pisa (Sony) ]
4) Sony camera promotion [ in BJ for 4 days ]

.. just notice dat i got a job in a month [ nahhz, it's not true XD ]
hahahz, but for SURE, my next job is . .

>> control traffic in PCGHS <<



我决定拿中文系 [惊喜吧?哈哈 XD ]
朋友,请支持我 !

Saturday, May 10, 2008



Sunday, May 4, 2008


真正的好朋友 並不是在一起就有聊不完的話題; 而是在一起 就算不說話 也不會感到尷尬 ..

photos :

year 2006 year 2007

year 2007 year 2008 [ yh, cs ]

24th April

this day, my birthday

a good date as a very good excuse for Ee leng, Karyn to hang out with me
a good day as to gather together with few of us ^^ include YY, ST, SY, MH except yh n ah soong . but we'r still young, still have lots of chances to meet together [ dat's wat i always say ]

We had our lunch at Pastamania [ i suggsted] where the 5%service tax is excluded there. Other than the usual hang out in Gurney, we went chat. We chat in the restaurant, chat along the way where we were walking, chat while looking for goods, and chat even we were in Mcd. AND we really DID. hahahz, this was wat i have always been lOoking for. No entertainment, no loud blasting music, but just talk like we were having pillow talk or we didn't seen each other for ages .

Laughters, cheers and happy chatters reverberate the mcd >_<

girls, DO update ur news ya !

Thank you :
Sai ye - Sundae ice-cream
Ee Leng, Karyn - u girls planned this few month before
Yy, St for ur attendance & lunch , kakakakz ^^
Yh, cs,mh - thanks for wishing on time >.<
made a silly wish : i wish everyday is birthday as during bdae, we can get together againz

Saturday, May 3, 2008

1st post

Yeahh, I have finally activate my blog

at VIVIANKHOR's [ n some other friend wic didn't mention here ] request .

ya, really really thanks to her.

If not, i'll delay and delay to have this blog again and again .

To my old friends :

weLcOme to this new + interesting place.

nice to meet u here ^^
[ hard to have photo with her . Jovy n serene will know why >_< ]