Saturday, May 31, 2008

School holidays (3)

[photo: Karyn, Sai Ye, Ee Leng, Chang Soong, Hazel, Shi Ting ]
Gathered in St.John Ambulance Malaysia Penang State HQ to "send" the competitors who r gOingto Johor. Notice the little space formed by shi ting n my fingers : The little space is for u 1, Vivian Khor ..kakakakz Hope it's more then enOugh ya, as Sai Ye said a pig might even be able to squeeze into it XD

Hope Mei Hwei n Yee Honog dun miss the chance for gathering again

Penang team [ .. include AA, NA ],
all da besT !

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serene said...

yy is gonna kill either u or sy d.. haha or maybe both?? LOL