Friday, May 16, 2008

5th day in F6

Uncertainty, I doubt whether i should get myself a Econ's or PP's text book. Few more weeks to go without text book.

Looking at the slide by LCD projector makes me fall asleep faster. BUt, but if there is text in front of me , atleast they'll jump n dance before my eyes feel heavy as if someone is pulling it down [hahahz, juz crap .. at last also will ..zzz XD ]

Jx cannot fetch me back as she's working [same as my previous job]. So, Angie n i . . . tadaa..take photo in bus ^^ hahahz

After reach home, I found out dat mom didn't buy lunch for me. In despair and thinking of smthg to do as I'm bored to death, i decide to cook. aha, u think wat ? juz a simple "breakfast" as lunch. well, anyhow, this is my 1st time to coOk this [ clapzZz. support support ``]
Aha, success. [ i consider no "black spot" as perfect d , althoguh skill not as good as miss pisces la hurr ]

Okayz, can't imagine how nice is it ? Just have a look at my cat's expression+ reaction - -
Before I realise, his paws r on my lap as he's trying to climb up my chair ! har, Greedy Grey XD

[st n mun pls dun shout >_< ]


Lookid said...


hazel said...

lolz. Althoguh not allowed to feed him dat stuff, but curi-curi can gua hahahz XD

Lookid said...

em zai em zai, u ask the cat lar! swt... =.=

MOOMOO said...

i changed my blog d. see u there ya. i won be using blogspot anymore :)