Thursday, May 29, 2008

School holidays (1)

i. Karyn n I

ii. I was forced to eat >_<
[ In future, think twice b4 promise to go lunch or tea with her XD ]

Origins , my work place. I met Zhi Ying [ form 3 girl] who say I loOks like her friend, so to prove it, we took a photo hahahz
1 of my seniors in Origins, Amy demonstrating the body scrub to a regular customer. [anyone can let me pratice ? hehehz ] met her 2 friends who have join Mary Kay [another Skin Care , more widely-known in Kl] Janet n Hazel. hahahaz, ya her name is Hazel, using same phone with same colour with me, so coincidence. Btw, another hazel that i hv met in this year is currently studying in Disted- Diploma in Hospitality.
These few days I really had an intensive training. Working 4 days continuosly, I was exposed to more to the knowledge about the skin n body care in our shop. Michel was intend to make me use to all products there. [THANK YOU for the opportunity, Michel. I'll try my best to push the sales^^] Previously, I was so confused about the things there.

Skin is divided into few type [okay, the 1st day working they hv thought me dat ]

CleanserSs, tonerSs, MoisturizerSs, MaskSs, scrubSs.. then follow by serumSs, eye careSs, LotionSs, CreamSs . . . . . . @.@

well, c'mon clapZz to me , now i can differentiate their uses, common characteristics n differences. It depends on one's need. Frankly, in my opinion, There is no brand dat is the best , insteaad u hv to figure out urself wat product suits u the best.

Another work : Sony [temporary promoter-when there is event , Thank you koko for intro it to me ^^]

hahahz, juz to upload a photo here XD The "almost" same post with the pic with the fat rat.


Lookid said...

owh! tat post in the pic again! x)
but tis time fatrat+less ler, =.= swt...

hazel said...

hahahz, ya 45" ma lolz. u miss da rat ? it died a long lnog time d >_< next time try other, mayb CJ7 hahahz