Saturday, May 3, 2008

1st post

Yeahh, I have finally activate my blog

at VIVIANKHOR's [ n some other friend wic didn't mention here ] request .

ya, really really thanks to her.

If not, i'll delay and delay to have this blog again and again .

To my old friends :

weLcOme to this new + interesting place.

nice to meet u here ^^
[ hard to have photo with her . Jovy n serene will know why >_< ]


Lookid said...

hazel! nice to see u have a new blog again! berajin untuk posting ya! XD i will always support ur blog oo! tatax!

YS said...

Liang, nice blog. ^_^

hazel said...

lookid: u too .berajin-rajin ya. always support u

ys : thanks, shen