Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sem Break 2009

Assignments, Radio show, presentation, final exam is over !

Glad that I learnt a lot of things in this semester
Been to court before, jz to hv the experience there, listening hw a prosecuting attorney takes place.
That was 1 of the assignment for News writing n reporting in Print Media
Life as an [mock] journalist is not easy!

Was an observer then the next day was the DJ for Radio Show with Jenny n of course the JAm JM[ wic version i forgot liao]

NO more LAW studies !

.. I think I like Organization Communication .. hehhez

Then it's holiday now !~

Well not bad, Atleast I had done something interesting this sem break:

First of all, shopping with the girls

Apartment stay in Ipoh

[tried the "bean sprout chicken" (in cantonese)]

Performed In New World PArk for Christmas celebration 2009
Play n sing along a chinese song
[ my 1st time experience! ]

with my classmates in Fine Arts

Work, work, work...
in Polo Counter, Sunshine City, Sunshine Falim. . ..

then, it's shopping again !~
yeah, get my christmas present from mummy =)

Nina Ricci miniature n lotion [ sorry, if u thoguht I was getting the big bottle... LOL ]

I wish everyone Merry Christmas n HAppy New year !!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

1 week raya holiday...

YY-vivian ,M.Hwei,Me,Karyn,Serene,Soong,Ee Leng
There was a great excitement in the air and It's always a fabulous day to spend with interesting and exotic friends together again !

A surprise birthday celebration for Chang Soong And Vivian-YY
The best part was both of them were so surprise as they only knew we were going to celebrate for the other one instead of themselves. XD
To make the number 9 complete, sorry..
The 2 ppl below are blacklisted ..
Phun Sai Ye & Yeoh Yee Hoong
THESE 2 kind and nice ladies are WANTED !!
O btw, Ee Leng and Karyn tried on some clothes in the just renovated Padini Concept store in Gurney Plaza.
hmm.. not bad not bad.. i guess it's time for u to try another style ^-^
"The One" by Utada Hikaru

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For the past weekends..

I'm still working continuosly for the weekends
All work no play makes Hazel a dull girl ? NO !
So much fun i had.
I met the Sunshine mascot both in Sunshine Square and falim! =)
It's freaking fat and yet looks so sweet~ [with the flower]
Next, I worked for May -Lam Soon udner APE- wei yang n christopher
Thanks, Chris, for the chance to ... ermm.. let me wear that outfit wic really caught tons of attraction.
Met Sue Ann, Jessica And Wayne who worked for Colgate

Pictures of us working...
Jessica- Colgate sensitive Sue Ann- Colgate Plax
Wayne- toothbrush 360' [Vivien, Chris' gf- my customer ! ] Hazel- May -White Radiance
Celebrate my elder brother- Louis' Birthday !
In Azuma [ quite disappointed with the service, compared to the previous visit]

Friday, August 28, 2009

New sem !

2nd week of semester d.

Still trying to cope with the new tiemtable for my physical body and my mind.

This sem I'm taking Organization Communication, Radio Production, Media LAw and News writign & repoting in Print Media.

hmmm.. the subjects sound goOD i think but these days quite busy because the media law is in night class due to the part-time lecturer.

The song I'm so into it lately.(from the game -kingdom Hearts)

Wish everyone has a Nice day !~

Simple and Clean by Utara Hikaru (yes, the one who sings "first love" if u wonder)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

As supporter for Aquila Choo in Astro Talent Search 2009

Astro Talent Search 2009 Final
Bukit Jalil Stadium

We went as a team all in white clothes to support Aquila, the best vocalist in 1 of the Astro contest year 2003, our teacher for keyboard and singing course in Fine Art Global, Bayan Baru n BM.

Aquila, YOu're the best !
We shouted on top of our voice, lifted our banners as high as possible that as it had reach the clouds when our "idol" came out with her band. LOL XD

Aquila n Abel singing 最好的结局 "the best ending"
Wat an amazingly great and awe-inspiring song composed by both of them!
However, "reality show vs reality"
That's what we have learnt as mass commers, aren't we ?
btw, Congratulations for Min is now the Champion in Astro Talent 2009.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MoOOore photos for Jetstar post

National Library

Bugis Junction

Zheng was so excited he "found" his restaurant on the way back from National Library.
Be aware of H1N1, everyone!
Our adventurous trip is not boring with the companion of this sweer and lovely couple- Jeremy n Cleo ^-^