Thursday, July 30, 2009

As supporter for Aquila Choo in Astro Talent Search 2009

Astro Talent Search 2009 Final
Bukit Jalil Stadium

We went as a team all in white clothes to support Aquila, the best vocalist in 1 of the Astro contest year 2003, our teacher for keyboard and singing course in Fine Art Global, Bayan Baru n BM.

Aquila, YOu're the best !
We shouted on top of our voice, lifted our banners as high as possible that as it had reach the clouds when our "idol" came out with her band. LOL XD

Aquila n Abel singing 最好的结局 "the best ending"
Wat an amazingly great and awe-inspiring song composed by both of them!
However, "reality show vs reality"
That's what we have learnt as mass commers, aren't we ?
btw, Congratulations for Min is now the Champion in Astro Talent 2009.


Little Christine said...

Aquila is from Penang?

hazel said...

YEa,Christine. she's from BM ^-^

Anonymous said...

hi, just drop by
wanna confirm that aquila is one one of the ten vocalist in asq 2003?
thank you
hope u dun mind said...

Yes she is
Omg, i'm so surprise ppl actually know her !
gv me ur link if u have TQ =)

Anonymous said...

Hi , hazel thx for ur reply
and sry for my late reply
can i add ur msn if u dun mind?
i realized her when i first saw her performing in astro
she is really talented
i am totally forgot that she is 1 of the top vocalists
no idea at all

hazel said...


Anonymous said...

hey hong here. cant find ur facebook leh. only come across ur blog. already add u in msn =)