Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MoOOore photos for Jetstar post

National Library

Bugis Junction

Zheng was so excited he "found" his restaurant on the way back from National Library.
Be aware of H1N1, everyone!
Our adventurous trip is not boring with the companion of this sweer and lovely couple- Jeremy n Cleo ^-^


Pisces - The Fish ,17 MaRch 1989 said...

The third photo is the famous 'guang yin temple' located in bugis^^
And we were warned by the librarian that we can't take photo in the library,lolz...

小巧 said... singapore travel is syok nya..haha..enjoy ya~~ur last post..i gt saw ur jumping post..nice nya..

Cindy said...

wah...very nice o this trip..How come me duno about the contest wan??

hmm...maybe I didn't stroll to the canteen