Monday, July 20, 2009


The purpose of us to be in Singapore is
TO take a Star Jump shot at
- the most memorable place we have visited

A few places we tried it.

We failed . .. .

However, we never give up !

I think this is superb. hehz*

Again in Orchard Park. Yeah !~
"good is never enough"
I still wonder wic would be the best 1

Another few shots in Vivo City

We are given RM70 each person , that how we spent it. (left some syiling back to Penang ^-^)
Lunch-economy rice $ 2.00
$ 3.00
Eunos > Bugis $ 1.40 (x2)
Old Chong Kee Currypuff $ 1.20
Bugis shopping mall
Bugis street
- lemon ice $ 1.00
National Library -
MRT - City Hall $ 1.00 (x2)
Orchard Road
Lucky Plaza -walk-
-food court $ 3.60
-red bean soup $ 1.80
sasa hair clip $ 3.99
Nile T-shirt $10.00
Bus- Eunos $1.00(x2)
Eunos- Harbour Front $1.80(x2)
Vivo City -photo shooting
> ChangYi Airport $ 2.00


BacteriaSJ said...

Sorry sorry...
The one with the afro red shirt gang I think.
But but... as long as you happy, any picture is nice. ^^

hazel said...

hahahz, thank you bro, u'r a great 1

Pisces - The Fish ,17 MaRch 1989 said...

Ya,I think it's awesome,wee~~

lookid said...

lolx! u look so chuby when u starjump! lolx! xD
btw, the pics are creative! x)

hazel said...

Thank you Wayne
Thank yOu Kid, I thnik ur comment also chubby, so kiddo 1 , hahahz thanks yea`

Jeressa wong said...

nice pic u got =p
especially the last star jump =p

Anonymous said...

Hahahahah Hazel I like the pict tht U took with the Red geng shirt people...The afro hair people...The red shirt photo is nice...U jump together with them. U all look real..I mean really show the happy expression...the most good is U...hahahahah so funny and i really like it...GOOD JOB DEAR=)

Anonymous said...

My comment up there...sorry 4 get to put name...ur friend.. NURUN NISA..commented ready above=)

Hui Min said...

Hihi, i like the picture you took, really nice shoot.
I got experience went to Singapore, from the list of budget that you shown, i am sure you do a lot of research before go over there =)
Keep it up, and hope to read more from you.

hazel said...

Thank you Min. Actually we didn't plan dat well. We later noly found out another better route that can save moeny but we missed, next time we'll know laready. ^-^ thank you ya! we put lots of effort in capturing it, thank you guys !

badluckz said...

lolz...the starjump photo look funny.