Thursday, September 4, 2008

For the past 1 month..

During Sem-break which is only 1 week.
We had Apartment stay-AS in Sri Sayang [opposite of Rasa Sayng Hotel]

The "cheese maniac's" after dined in Pasta maniac in Gurney, thus proceed the fever to PIZZA R US . This is wat we called the "buffet" style which Albert served wat he had for us . . . hehehz.. Unfortunately Ruby unable to join us that night. But somehow glad that best friend-Cindy and Elwin didn't miss the gathering as well as Ben .

That were wat they kept for me as i was late to be there after work. Thanks guyz ^^ That was more than enough for me.[ but not the smoked salmon!! ] oOwhs, last time we had ordered 7 set of dat? hahahahz. that was awesome .lolz

and the . . . . . . . . . soup there. Omg, wat should i call that, Kah Loon? U mixed all kinds of Tobasco inside ! *faint*

The next day everyone was exhausted.
Physically looking out of window, but his soul was flying . . . n later he was a sleep d .lolz Sue Ann got her LV cap at Chrowrasta street which was only RM5 ! [wtf] thx to C& M [the brothers from different mother] should invite them along when go shopping againz hehez

After nap for half an hour. I went to Queensbay Mall. I was so lucky to be the last 1 to have's Dj- Jj n Rudy's signature on Avril lavigne's poster.

... had a free make up n photo section in Stila, Gurney. Oh btw, Origins is gOing to have a counter in Parkson-gurney too.[other than Benefit n Islee]

blaa.. alright, u can skip this ..lolz

I cut my hair !! [ermmm..well, juz trim la >_< ]
I hv waited longly for a hair cut. It lOoked so dump previously, or u can say never ever better . nah, watever . . . zzz

There's always someone, family, friends, relatives care for you. I do hardly spend even time with everyone[include my work] I missed a few gathering these days. but still i appreciate YOU in my life. someone special to me
happy birthday to my brother -Louis
Jenny's brother also named Louis [oOwhs, is that a nice name ? no idea. atleast at my home i dun think so wakakakkz.. kdkd ]
How time flies!
I'm now on my 2nd semester - Intro to advertising, Intro to sociology , IT Computing and Public Speaking. 4 subjects in this sem. Life start going pretty turf d.

Dip in MC, i'll not only pass YOU, I'll get better than B !