Thursday, September 4, 2008

For the past 1 month..

During Sem-break which is only 1 week.
We had Apartment stay-AS in Sri Sayang [opposite of Rasa Sayng Hotel]

The "cheese maniac's" after dined in Pasta maniac in Gurney, thus proceed the fever to PIZZA R US . This is wat we called the "buffet" style which Albert served wat he had for us . . . hehehz.. Unfortunately Ruby unable to join us that night. But somehow glad that best friend-Cindy and Elwin didn't miss the gathering as well as Ben .

That were wat they kept for me as i was late to be there after work. Thanks guyz ^^ That was more than enough for me.[ but not the smoked salmon!! ] oOwhs, last time we had ordered 7 set of dat? hahahahz. that was awesome .lolz

and the . . . . . . . . . soup there. Omg, wat should i call that, Kah Loon? U mixed all kinds of Tobasco inside ! *faint*

The next day everyone was exhausted.
Physically looking out of window, but his soul was flying . . . n later he was a sleep d .lolz Sue Ann got her LV cap at Chrowrasta street which was only RM5 ! [wtf] thx to C& M [the brothers from different mother] should invite them along when go shopping againz hehez

After nap for half an hour. I went to Queensbay Mall. I was so lucky to be the last 1 to have's Dj- Jj n Rudy's signature on Avril lavigne's poster.

... had a free make up n photo section in Stila, Gurney. Oh btw, Origins is gOing to have a counter in Parkson-gurney too.[other than Benefit n Islee]

blaa.. alright, u can skip this ..lolz

I cut my hair !! [ermmm..well, juz trim la >_< ]
I hv waited longly for a hair cut. It lOoked so dump previously, or u can say never ever better . nah, watever . . . zzz

There's always someone, family, friends, relatives care for you. I do hardly spend even time with everyone[include my work] I missed a few gathering these days. but still i appreciate YOU in my life. someone special to me
happy birthday to my brother -Louis
Jenny's brother also named Louis [oOwhs, is that a nice name ? no idea. atleast at my home i dun think so wakakakkz.. kdkd ]
How time flies!
I'm now on my 2nd semester - Intro to advertising, Intro to sociology , IT Computing and Public Speaking. 4 subjects in this sem. Life start going pretty turf d.

Dip in MC, i'll not only pass YOU, I'll get better than B !


lookid said...

hazel! miss ur blog! as well as u lar! XD
em zai wanna say wat, jz have the intention to left u a comment. XD
enjoy life ya! c ya! ^^

Cindy said...

Sure you will get better than B!! I'm confident we all try our best and score what we deserve!! Don't give up!! Proove that we are better than March intake!! Gambateh girl ^^..

kLooon said...

ooooh you finally updated!!
but this was sooo looong ago xD
YOU as in who?? ahhaz
anyway looking forward on your updates. =)

hazel said...

thank you Lookid, Cindy n Kah Loon ! Next post is cOmnig up soOn !!