Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1st sem is over

What's after exam ?

The exam is over, and there is nothing you can do about it now! There is no point in punishing yourself, especially if you have exams still to come.
Nothing you do after the exam will change your mark for it so don't agonise. Do something relaxing, something you know you'll enjoy, immediately after an exam.
And so . . . .
We ended up our post-exam days hanging around.
1st spot :
Gurney- Pastamania [where i spent half of my weekly pocket money there.arhhz, heart pain pain ]
but still, being students, we'r entitled to the 30% discOunt on ala carte menu. [weee~] and the best thing is No service Tax is charged. [still can't heal my "wound" ]

The 1st time Kah Lo0n had lunch with us. [Angel, KL,Mat, Chris, Sue Ann]
expect me to be insde ? I was holding the camera ..lolz The soup was mine 1 muahahahaz

The pizza is nice.

It helped me remember how n why I celebrated my 18th birthday there with the gang of st.john's friends.[ girls, i miss u all sO muchz ] ohya, back to the question, why i celebrate my brithday there ? Oo yea.. . . Because Ee Leng no idea wic could be da better place to go [she stays nearer to gurney compared to my house] so i said "I want smthg like mee " .Thus ended up .. there. lolz. I still remember we love the potato salad very much especially Vivian. It's fantastic, u muz try it when u'r there.

2nd spot:

Kid's arcade centre
wic situated beside Pastamania.

It was damn funny la, where the adolescents or so called "Young Adults" went in to play the kiddo's game.
Something really interesting there. . . .

"paaanndaaa" n our "Far King" were fanatically fascinated by this "hit the crocodiles" machine. It make us almost laugh our _ss out as whenever u hit the crocodiles, it sounds "F*ck", "f*ck f*ck f*ck " wakakkakaz.. hard to believe ? Juz try it [ n b4 dat, prepare money to chg the tokens lolz XD ]
Next , after drop Angel. we headed to Queensbay Mall Penang. Hmm.. wat i can comment is .. Panda is a good guy la as he can tolerate n be SO patient shoPping with girls like Sue n me. [who will enter almost every shop when they'r so free to do dat. wink ^^ ]
For the time being,
Sleep sleep sleep, n rest rest rest !
gotta enjOy my 1st sem-break Thoroughly [Although only last a week? ]
LoOking forward for the gathering [Apartment Stay] Hope no one will miss out this precious moment the classmates can have together [include Cindy !]


Lookid said...

hahax! enjoy oso dun enjoy too much ya, nanti ur weight ... er hem...

what the f**k is the "f*ck" appear in ur post? oops.. x)

Anonymous said...

haha!! 1st time is always so memorable. When u gonna blog about our apartment stay?? lol. and no 'trism' labelling pls. ==