Monday, November 3, 2008

Another day out

29th October, it was Ee Leng's birthday.

A very nice girl who I have known her for 12 years d. Since kindergarden heard of her b4, during schooling in primary, we used to went to our tuition n day care centre everyday without fail, bathed, ate, tuiton and after class while waiting for our parents to fetch us, we play ping pong n badminton. Madame Lee the owner of the centre [ex-pcgps headmistress] expected much from us. Fortunately, we didn't dissappoint her with our flying colours results in school as well as in government examinations ^^ My mom knows her well and so does hers 1.

Saturday morning Shi Ting came to fetch me n we went to TAR College. The 2nd time i stepped in this college n it was the 1st time ever I intruded ppl's lecture hall. Why? not plainly for fun, ah, well oso fun lah.hahahz But my mom couldn't fetch me, so i have to follow st to coll and accOmpany her, Ee Leng n Guat Pheng attend the Quantitative Studies lecture for the 1 and half hour[exact calculation]

Ee Leng, Serene, Khai Hern n Ting Ern

Yes ! It's what we hv learn in Secondary school wic it named with a glamour name- Additional Maths ! .. n well, drawing graphs againzZz. A lil boring n yet i was still paying attention. what on earth's wrong with me? I dunno .. ~ .~
Ahahz, another thg, while wondering will i be suspected or be pointed out by the quite pretty lecturer [forgot her name d..]. I saw Ai Mun n Her Matthew ! Seeee .. . i'm not the only ONE allien there. nah nah~ Even if i "kena" i'll for sure also point him out 1 ..muahahahz, being so sarcastis out of sudden. I'm Sorry, i'm not dat bad ..after all ..lolz grin*

At one point, the lecturer walked around the hall to check on the students' work. Cold sweat man ! luckily dat guy next to gp chated a lot with her n switching her attention. pheww ~

. . .waiting patiently, Yes ! " until here "
packed my ads notes n prepared to go Gurney with them. At that time, I met a lots of my friends , they r in TAR , like Ching Yee, Maggie, Foong and others.

After find the car park for about 20mins? We then finally found 1 , n . . .. hehehz I have chance to drive st's Kancil =)

Next, we headed to Breeks cafe.

Group photo [ so glad EL n GP still wearingt the Tee I bought for them ^^] hahahz That 1 on Leng is the limited addition 1. >_<

A picture speaks a thousand words.
Future accountants, wat's the estimation of words in the photos? ..swt
The dessert.
The dish we had were savoured in creams, muhsroOms and wild mushroOms as we ordered mushroom pasta, cheese rice and chicken ..cheese? [sry, unable to rmb everthg]
After watch the High School musical 3, We proceeded to Big Apple. Frankly, the dougnuts there weren't as nice as I were expected,[ finally agree with YunYing d ] especially the Pink Panther, wth, I was like swallowing a packets of sugar and colouring into my stomach

Looking forward for our steamboat gathering which Yy, Sai Ye, and Yh could join us too ^^

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sleep Deprivation

continuosly working for weeks. freaking tired.
I'm so lacking in sleep today that I feel hung over. Like my body isn't functioning properly.

Last night after work in Origins [where met dat pretty much image-conscious guy- Eu Han], mom fecthed me to her friend[Aunt.Lily]'s friend [Siva]'s house.
After tried on all the indian cuisines. . . it's chating again ..zzz
The uncles uncles there said i was so quiet.wakakakz, of course la, i'm such a GOOD girl first sight. lolz Oh gosh, I could felt my eye lids were so heavy that I wondered how strong was the earth gravity at that moment that led to this potent pulling force.

Riiight now, I'm in the magical thinking stage of trying to deal with sleep deprivation.
1st time post my blog in college lab, freaking boring n freezing cold. meOw: " i'm ready to crawl into my bed at anytime "
.. zzz

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My blog is not dead YET !

N days have passed. Mid-sem is over in a blinking of an eye, oh, how time flies~

so . . . . . . It's holidays again .weheee ~

Instead of

Queensbay beach or waikiki beach .. . . . .

Poor college students who r still spending their parents' money(e.g. us ) for sure cannot afford to go oversea for a short holidday trip laa..

swt. well, for a few seconds, i feel proud to born in the second smallest state in Malaysia after Perlis- Penang, an island colloquially known as "The Pearl of the Orient". Why? Penangites would never not acquainted with Batu Ferrighi Beach`

... sitting on rocks n passing around the food n boxes of snacks. Challenge, tough n yet rewarding. =)

Few days later, YunYing was back !

well, as usual, we hung out to red box and loitered around Gurney Plaza.
Unfortunatelly, I had to work on that particular day so I left the gang earlier when Sai Ye n Yy went to fetch that well known as Superior lady-Yee Hoong.

sigh. That day ended. However, I was still lucky enough to attend our gathering though i had missed the 2 previously gathering.(so sorry)

oh NO, i was wrong, they ultimately change location n went to Queensbay Mall! lolz. That meant I met them againz~ blaa ~

Thursday, September 4, 2008

For the past 1 month..

During Sem-break which is only 1 week.
We had Apartment stay-AS in Sri Sayang [opposite of Rasa Sayng Hotel]

The "cheese maniac's" after dined in Pasta maniac in Gurney, thus proceed the fever to PIZZA R US . This is wat we called the "buffet" style which Albert served wat he had for us . . . hehehz.. Unfortunately Ruby unable to join us that night. But somehow glad that best friend-Cindy and Elwin didn't miss the gathering as well as Ben .

That were wat they kept for me as i was late to be there after work. Thanks guyz ^^ That was more than enough for me.[ but not the smoked salmon!! ] oOwhs, last time we had ordered 7 set of dat? hahahahz. that was awesome .lolz

and the . . . . . . . . . soup there. Omg, wat should i call that, Kah Loon? U mixed all kinds of Tobasco inside ! *faint*

The next day everyone was exhausted.
Physically looking out of window, but his soul was flying . . . n later he was a sleep d .lolz Sue Ann got her LV cap at Chrowrasta street which was only RM5 ! [wtf] thx to C& M [the brothers from different mother] should invite them along when go shopping againz hehez

After nap for half an hour. I went to Queensbay Mall. I was so lucky to be the last 1 to have's Dj- Jj n Rudy's signature on Avril lavigne's poster.

... had a free make up n photo section in Stila, Gurney. Oh btw, Origins is gOing to have a counter in Parkson-gurney too.[other than Benefit n Islee]

blaa.. alright, u can skip this ..lolz

I cut my hair !! [ermmm..well, juz trim la >_< ]
I hv waited longly for a hair cut. It lOoked so dump previously, or u can say never ever better . nah, watever . . . zzz

There's always someone, family, friends, relatives care for you. I do hardly spend even time with everyone[include my work] I missed a few gathering these days. but still i appreciate YOU in my life. someone special to me
happy birthday to my brother -Louis
Jenny's brother also named Louis [oOwhs, is that a nice name ? no idea. atleast at my home i dun think so wakakakkz.. kdkd ]
How time flies!
I'm now on my 2nd semester - Intro to advertising, Intro to sociology , IT Computing and Public Speaking. 4 subjects in this sem. Life start going pretty turf d.

Dip in MC, i'll not only pass YOU, I'll get better than B !

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1st sem is over

What's after exam ?

The exam is over, and there is nothing you can do about it now! There is no point in punishing yourself, especially if you have exams still to come.
Nothing you do after the exam will change your mark for it so don't agonise. Do something relaxing, something you know you'll enjoy, immediately after an exam.
And so . . . .
We ended up our post-exam days hanging around.
1st spot :
Gurney- Pastamania [where i spent half of my weekly pocket money there.arhhz, heart pain pain ]
but still, being students, we'r entitled to the 30% discOunt on ala carte menu. [weee~] and the best thing is No service Tax is charged. [still can't heal my "wound" ]

The 1st time Kah Lo0n had lunch with us. [Angel, KL,Mat, Chris, Sue Ann]
expect me to be insde ? I was holding the camera ..lolz The soup was mine 1 muahahahaz

The pizza is nice.

It helped me remember how n why I celebrated my 18th birthday there with the gang of st.john's friends.[ girls, i miss u all sO muchz ] ohya, back to the question, why i celebrate my brithday there ? Oo yea.. . . Because Ee Leng no idea wic could be da better place to go [she stays nearer to gurney compared to my house] so i said "I want smthg like mee " .Thus ended up .. there. lolz. I still remember we love the potato salad very much especially Vivian. It's fantastic, u muz try it when u'r there.

2nd spot:

Kid's arcade centre
wic situated beside Pastamania.

It was damn funny la, where the adolescents or so called "Young Adults" went in to play the kiddo's game.
Something really interesting there. . . .

"paaanndaaa" n our "Far King" were fanatically fascinated by this "hit the crocodiles" machine. It make us almost laugh our _ss out as whenever u hit the crocodiles, it sounds "F*ck", "f*ck f*ck f*ck " wakakkakaz.. hard to believe ? Juz try it [ n b4 dat, prepare money to chg the tokens lolz XD ]
Next , after drop Angel. we headed to Queensbay Mall Penang. Hmm.. wat i can comment is .. Panda is a good guy la as he can tolerate n be SO patient shoPping with girls like Sue n me. [who will enter almost every shop when they'r so free to do dat. wink ^^ ]
For the time being,
Sleep sleep sleep, n rest rest rest !
gotta enjOy my 1st sem-break Thoroughly [Although only last a week? ]
LoOking forward for the gathering [Apartment Stay] Hope no one will miss out this precious moment the classmates can have together [include Cindy !]

Friday, July 25, 2008

final exam is cOming`

For instant,

LAN subject-less

wakakakz, oh yeahh` nice right ?
But FINAL EXAM is on next Mon, Wed n Fri.
arhhz. . .tension, pressures, stress againz ?
[try Peace Of Mind from Origins. It helps to relieve stress ]

Finally, assignments and presentation has finish in this week. Next is, pia pia pia for exam d. Pretty happy with the finished product, but very tired now though, and looking forward to a break before starting the next semester. Plenty of books, magazines and movies to gorge on after this. The best part is Ruby praised us that all of us did well in presentation even though we haven't attend the Public Speaking Skill which is the subject we'r gOing to take on the following sem. wOohoO, it's always the 1 of the best if u were the 1st group to present [chuckles] atleast u stand a greater chance to shoot the other groups who r in opposition on the topic u did. [hehehz ]
or ermmz.. perhaps we chivvy them ? lolz

To choose agree or disagree with our question, our decision was just as we conjectured. Anyhwo, by hook or by crook we still manage to justify our points well [pheww ] We went to mamak-ing n Sungai Dua McDonald and end up Christopher's house to discuss bout out assignment n presentation. We sacrified a lot leh. 1 of them is my awful look with specs..arhhz
I was insane when i found out the ears of my mickey on slippers have torn into pieces.

On Monday, everyone lOoked so smart n serious with their formal attire. [cheer]

today is the last class for our Malaysian Studies. Therefore, all presentation arranged to finish by today. Proudly saying, most of the students patiently wait until the class end as today tips r given by Cik. Hidayah. To our surprise, she gave prizes for the top 3 groups of presentation.
3rd is won by Hock Heng's group, 2nd is us [ Cindy, Sue Ann, Renuka n i] and da "champion" is Christopher, matthew n the "trism" group [ Winners r expected, so great ovation were given ^-^ ]
Some photos to share :
discussion in Sungai Dua MCD
the "RM1 " toast in a coffee shop near christopher's house
Classmates with formal attire. All lOok like business man n women. [this is Cindy right 1 is Angel ]
Sue n I ^^

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

College life

College life , what it means to me ?


Based on my experience, feeling nervous about starting of college is actually pretty normal. This apprehension is a sign that you'r already interested in doing well.

For some people, college students mean those who fling their money withoit an eye or a thought about it. But this's not 100% true. [atleast i'm not like dat ]

What i like the most is you dun hv to wake up at 6 in the morning ANYMROE, classes are thoughfully interspersed with snacks and breaks and you get to meet a bunch of cool people. Best of all, u'hv seen the last of that awful uniform!

Not all boys are as nice as we'd like them to be. But there's certainly a load of cute, intelligent boys dat u can count on knight in shining armour should the need arise. Atleast i don't miss 1 of the best ^^

Perhaps some might be able to find their ueligible man or lady there ?
Next ..

more n more competitors in study !
and more n more assignments !!!!!

arhh ! mid-sem is over [ yeah~ ] n assignments have to passed up soon! [ next week !!!! ]

omg, this small little thing start to give tension, pressure, stress . . . .

. . . wic will eventually lead to black n puffiness eyes, sore throat, ulcer [ not me ] n pimples !

...Oo. . . relax, relax.. .

atleast we have sketch in class ~
[ like performance ^^ ]

Pengajian Malaysia :

Lakonkan 1 sketsa yang berkaitan dengan Rukun Negara dan Lagu Negaraku.

Some photos to share here although this might not better then the "merdeka" sketch we had it last week. aiihz, is the question not dat eligible to ous sense of humour in elocution? .. or we forgot about the lighting ? . . . ahahaha, i'm juz kidding la. The teacher n students is a goOd idea n the part wic Mat led everyone in hall to sing Negaraku is fantastic

Cindy : Thank you
Christopher, stop unearth the significant news ! n to mat, Congratulations ? lolz XD

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I was reluctant to find a place remote from noises just a few minutes in College.
. .. especially u have all da MC students as ur classmate .. . like them . .zzz

okay, this explain why sometimes i refuse to talk - because I juz want SILENT !

n on the other hand, it means - WE - r passionate to everyone n Extrovert ` >_<"
Library could no longer be quit when this gang bumps in n sit right beside u. This place ain't that tranquil as u always see. It's not dat bad after all. Instead, Thanks a lot, they motivate me .

I'm sure i'll soon be a dumb if i were in a silent or passive group.

Ruby Tan's a Sexy n enthusiastic lecturer. I always pay my sedulous attention to her n while she's teaching. [dat explain how i get this photo.. but soree, it doesn't look nice >_< ] Hmm.. wOnder wat she was doing ? hahahz She was staring at ... ermm . . "sOmeone" .. with her sharp eyes during the quiz in class.

snowman wearing a specs , cute yah ? ^^ ahahahz, pOor ms. Hidayah thought this is a BIRD ? [wth] cikgu: apa burung tu ? for guys, they hav thought this highlighted word further n futher .. away ~ in their mind .
Omg, imagine same class with them everyday. [Pannndaaa ~ ]

Cindy with her cute n new hairstyle. cOngratz girl, for having a blog d ! link her here

"God has two dwellings; one in heaven, and the other in a meek and thankful heart." - Izaak Walton . Our favourite attitude should be gratitude. Thanks for everyone i meet in my life- those caring n always suPport me in whatever i do . .[dun worry, i'm not preaching right now ..zz] Wink ^^

.. n also the "malaikat" n the "syaitan" who became our Hot topic for a week+ ..wakakkakz
EXCUSE ME, PLS dun simply send a message to an anonymous or even though u know s/he is ur friend's friend n the msg gOes like this !!!! :
hey f_ck. . *tooot* pick up the phone .

By right, Mat & Chris, Thanks again for ..phoniing n ermm . . hahahahz [ u know la]
What a instant relief ! .. before I almost shout out WTF

Match n win or " Looks a like" cOntest ? i sUpPort it !

Exam is imminent. ALright, ALL da BEST for those who'r taking exam !!

[Hazel is mad today, as she used some bizzaire words "upstair" ]

MORE to come ~

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

sketch ? our favourite !

hmm.. these days start to be lazy blogging d
[omg, how can i ? ] slap slap slaPzzzZzz !
Xcuse me , did i say slap myself ? I can slap other thing or ppl 1 marr. Ahahahaz..siiao @.@

oh before this, tadaaa~ this is our team for the Briefing about team building - IMPACTO !

Then, We have sketchs for Malaysian studies. The tittles r in the circle of races, cultures, n religions.
Chistopher, Chris, Matthew, Pin hwei, Jay Lim [ n another friend] 's team : the wedding ceremony for Christian.
Pic: Chris the father guided n lead Pin Hwei[daughter] walked towards the priest ["father" Mat ..a.k.a. Mad MaT ] XD
Sam's team : Muthu, pls dun dieeeee ~
the 1st pic : * hitting the thief *
..another team wic ermmz.. the friends visited the patients who lied on chair instead of lying on bed(table?)
Followed by, the story about the born of Buddha by Wayne n his fellow friends.
Pic: Budhha asked " mana pokok ? "
instead, the 3 members become 1 tree. Cute right ? ahahahz, atleast it was stronger then our [paper] Christmas tree. Kakakakkz xP 1 of the groups dat gave us burst of laughing.
Frankly, The "wedding" n "christmas" group was well prepared. Yeah, cLaPzzz, Well dOne guys ! Thanks to Cindy as she planned the speechs, attire n the video clip [pannnnda ~ ]
Unfortunately i dun have the photos about the presentation for our group. Sigh.
Anyone who able to capture some nice view ? IF there is any, then send to me , Thanks
hmm.. it's time to zZzzz . .againz . ..Zzz .. .