Monday, November 3, 2008

Another day out

29th October, it was Ee Leng's birthday.

A very nice girl who I have known her for 12 years d. Since kindergarden heard of her b4, during schooling in primary, we used to went to our tuition n day care centre everyday without fail, bathed, ate, tuiton and after class while waiting for our parents to fetch us, we play ping pong n badminton. Madame Lee the owner of the centre [ex-pcgps headmistress] expected much from us. Fortunately, we didn't dissappoint her with our flying colours results in school as well as in government examinations ^^ My mom knows her well and so does hers 1.

Saturday morning Shi Ting came to fetch me n we went to TAR College. The 2nd time i stepped in this college n it was the 1st time ever I intruded ppl's lecture hall. Why? not plainly for fun, ah, well oso fun lah.hahahz But my mom couldn't fetch me, so i have to follow st to coll and accOmpany her, Ee Leng n Guat Pheng attend the Quantitative Studies lecture for the 1 and half hour[exact calculation]

Ee Leng, Serene, Khai Hern n Ting Ern

Yes ! It's what we hv learn in Secondary school wic it named with a glamour name- Additional Maths ! .. n well, drawing graphs againzZz. A lil boring n yet i was still paying attention. what on earth's wrong with me? I dunno .. ~ .~
Ahahz, another thg, while wondering will i be suspected or be pointed out by the quite pretty lecturer [forgot her name d..]. I saw Ai Mun n Her Matthew ! Seeee .. . i'm not the only ONE allien there. nah nah~ Even if i "kena" i'll for sure also point him out 1 ..muahahahz, being so sarcastis out of sudden. I'm Sorry, i'm not dat bad ..after all ..lolz grin*

At one point, the lecturer walked around the hall to check on the students' work. Cold sweat man ! luckily dat guy next to gp chated a lot with her n switching her attention. pheww ~

. . .waiting patiently, Yes ! " until here "
packed my ads notes n prepared to go Gurney with them. At that time, I met a lots of my friends , they r in TAR , like Ching Yee, Maggie, Foong and others.

After find the car park for about 20mins? We then finally found 1 , n . . .. hehehz I have chance to drive st's Kancil =)

Next, we headed to Breeks cafe.

Group photo [ so glad EL n GP still wearingt the Tee I bought for them ^^] hahahz That 1 on Leng is the limited addition 1. >_<

A picture speaks a thousand words.
Future accountants, wat's the estimation of words in the photos? ..swt
The dessert.
The dish we had were savoured in creams, muhsroOms and wild mushroOms as we ordered mushroom pasta, cheese rice and chicken ..cheese? [sry, unable to rmb everthg]
After watch the High School musical 3, We proceeded to Big Apple. Frankly, the dougnuts there weren't as nice as I were expected,[ finally agree with YunYing d ] especially the Pink Panther, wth, I was like swallowing a packets of sugar and colouring into my stomach

Looking forward for our steamboat gathering which Yy, Sai Ye, and Yh could join us too ^^

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shuang said...

hey i wanna go breeks also!!!
blek blek. chao ah liang!
happy new year!!