Saturday, June 28, 2008


I was reluctant to find a place remote from noises just a few minutes in College.
. .. especially u have all da MC students as ur classmate .. . like them . .zzz

okay, this explain why sometimes i refuse to talk - because I juz want SILENT !

n on the other hand, it means - WE - r passionate to everyone n Extrovert ` >_<"
Library could no longer be quit when this gang bumps in n sit right beside u. This place ain't that tranquil as u always see. It's not dat bad after all. Instead, Thanks a lot, they motivate me .

I'm sure i'll soon be a dumb if i were in a silent or passive group.

Ruby Tan's a Sexy n enthusiastic lecturer. I always pay my sedulous attention to her n while she's teaching. [dat explain how i get this photo.. but soree, it doesn't look nice >_< ] Hmm.. wOnder wat she was doing ? hahahz She was staring at ... ermm . . "sOmeone" .. with her sharp eyes during the quiz in class.

snowman wearing a specs , cute yah ? ^^ ahahahz, pOor ms. Hidayah thought this is a BIRD ? [wth] cikgu: apa burung tu ? for guys, they hav thought this highlighted word further n futher .. away ~ in their mind .
Omg, imagine same class with them everyday. [Pannndaaa ~ ]

Cindy with her cute n new hairstyle. cOngratz girl, for having a blog d ! link her here

"God has two dwellings; one in heaven, and the other in a meek and thankful heart." - Izaak Walton . Our favourite attitude should be gratitude. Thanks for everyone i meet in my life- those caring n always suPport me in whatever i do . .[dun worry, i'm not preaching right now ..zz] Wink ^^

.. n also the "malaikat" n the "syaitan" who became our Hot topic for a week+ ..wakakkakz
EXCUSE ME, PLS dun simply send a message to an anonymous or even though u know s/he is ur friend's friend n the msg gOes like this !!!! :
hey f_ck. . *tooot* pick up the phone .

By right, Mat & Chris, Thanks again for ..phoniing n ermm . . hahahahz [ u know la]
What a instant relief ! .. before I almost shout out WTF

Match n win or " Looks a like" cOntest ? i sUpPort it !

Exam is imminent. ALright, ALL da BEST for those who'r taking exam !!

[Hazel is mad today, as she used some bizzaire words "upstair" ]

MORE to come ~

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

sketch ? our favourite !

hmm.. these days start to be lazy blogging d
[omg, how can i ? ] slap slap slaPzzzZzz !
Xcuse me , did i say slap myself ? I can slap other thing or ppl 1 marr. Ahahahaz..siiao @.@

oh before this, tadaaa~ this is our team for the Briefing about team building - IMPACTO !

Then, We have sketchs for Malaysian studies. The tittles r in the circle of races, cultures, n religions.
Chistopher, Chris, Matthew, Pin hwei, Jay Lim [ n another friend] 's team : the wedding ceremony for Christian.
Pic: Chris the father guided n lead Pin Hwei[daughter] walked towards the priest ["father" Mat ..a.k.a. Mad MaT ] XD
Sam's team : Muthu, pls dun dieeeee ~
the 1st pic : * hitting the thief *
..another team wic ermmz.. the friends visited the patients who lied on chair instead of lying on bed(table?)
Followed by, the story about the born of Buddha by Wayne n his fellow friends.
Pic: Budhha asked " mana pokok ? "
instead, the 3 members become 1 tree. Cute right ? ahahahz, atleast it was stronger then our [paper] Christmas tree. Kakakakkz xP 1 of the groups dat gave us burst of laughing.
Frankly, The "wedding" n "christmas" group was well prepared. Yeah, cLaPzzz, Well dOne guys ! Thanks to Cindy as she planned the speechs, attire n the video clip [pannnnda ~ ]
Unfortunately i dun have the photos about the presentation for our group. Sigh.
Anyone who able to capture some nice view ? IF there is any, then send to me , Thanks
hmm.. it's time to zZzzz . .againz . ..Zzz .. .

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pefume ?

I dun use perfume but
I have few perfume miniatures over here n i'm selling them (at lower price) [ the box is not open yet, so no "JUST TRY n return" ] Here is the list :

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For DKNY n Estee Lauder I can try to get the larger size if anyone want.
Fr now, 50ml for Dior Addict 2 -summer litchi [limited addition !!!! ] is available here `
Pls contact me as soon as possible. While stock last. Do support thank you
Detail for CD Addict2 pls click here

after 1 week (1)

The most noise rows in the hall -
4th n 4th rows which occupied by MC students >_<

ermm, sOree teacher: Hidayah[Pengajian Malaysia] n Safida [Pendidikan Moral]
SOMETIMES we'r noisy but we still listen to wat u say. I pay attention in ur class. ermm, i can explain this. Mass Comm students r really different. They r active, Extravert, sociable, outgoing, enthusiastic, think a lot ... and ermm . . juz get bored easily xP

Cris n Chris from our class
[Christopher] n [ Kah lun who born on Christma day ]
[pannda ~ ] [ .. complicated guy . . . ]

The Left 1 is Matthew who is malay, indian, chinese . . mix mix mix. . . . @.@ [Mat, Chris,Chris, Jay, Pin Hwei ]

He speaks hokkien dat can make everyone burst out laughing lying on floor. Everytime turn over to his desk, he'll ask "hamisu" n today he said "sei liap" .. dat makes us laugh again n again n we find it had to stop giggling n chucking for a long long time. wakakakakz, n 1 more thnig about Horse.. ermmz, i wun tell it here or else i'll start laughing again ..lolz

Oowhs, ermmz party in class ? Honestly, this is a useful way to prevent urself from falling asleep in class. Trust me ^^
[but not so much of tibits or food.. unless u can finish them.. like we do ~ ]

yeahh, this is my new header` Weeee ~
any comment do tell me o

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

after 1 week

Introduction to Mass Comm.

For this sememster, We only have 1 subject in our course. Therefore, taking MORAL n MALAYSIAN studies is a MUST.

moral- wat ? i have been studying this subject since in primary school and now have to take again when intertiary education ? lolz. totally wrong. The Moral in different, it has the prinsip-prinsip, n who n who's theory to memorize.

Malaysian studies - As i have mentioned b4, SEJARAH! arhh. not exactly history larh. It's about Kaum, Bangsa, Budaya, masyarakat majmuk... and we have to perpaduan lo.. lolz after u have complete ur SPM, i'm sure with ur eyes close u can simply list the points.

1 week in KDU d , KDU Penang lOoks so nice . It's a gorgeous school (when they pay for ur fees hehez >_< ) atleast, I never lost myself there. Our lecturer for IMC is Ruby Tan. She's from Malacca, Master in film production n degree in Broadcasting ,Usm. oh by the way, she is sexy ^^ her hair length is just nice n it's so smooth`

hahahz I could still remember the 1st class when she came in.

" Mass comm students are different. They wear different from the others n they see thing differently . For example, what would u relate black with? some ppl might mean black is dead ? well, for us, Black is s-e-x-y ~ " hahahz .. so wat u think ?

Other than murming bored, bored, bored in da LAN's subject class, We take photos . Wwee ~

[arhhz, so mou liu, so wu liiao ~ ] Hazel, Sue Ann and Cindy

This is da library [where u wun find any Sasbadi, Pelangi, or longman -Secondary school reference books there .. anymore] Alright, it was the 2nd time .. . .wic i was standing in front of the AUTOMATIC door n it didn't open automatically while others can. And until now, i dunno why. Strange, weird, odd, confusing . .. arhz... not dat serious actually LOL. notice the yellow notice there ? There is a box for u to measure ur bag size b4 go in.

Jer Shyan: Thank yOu for creating a nice nice nice n sweet blog header for me
[ sOree i dunno how to use it yet >_< ]. Check it out @

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


hiie my fellow friends,

I'm now in SASS - School of ASS [wth ]
SASS = School of Art and Social Sciences , which located at 2nd floor.

Actually, i was plenty nervous. But orientation and those group tours by major made it alot less nervous, because you could just tell other people were nervous too. But then again i'm very perceptive. Just don't think everyone is judging you and you'll be alot more happy and better off. =D . Ahahahz, I'm still da same Hazel, still a pampered child- siao siao in Class but can suddenly turn into silent mode XD

This is da 1st week in College. The time for our classes is 9-11a.m. n 3-6p.m. I was like What ? In between where should I go ? sleep ? arhhz, so on da 1st day, after IMC- Introduction to Mass Communication, Sue Ann , Tse Hui n I went to Library.[ woOuz, 1st day only u know ? ] Each of us lent a book -The dynamics of mass comm.
And after dat, when TH went out with her Elwin , SA n I headed to Computer Lab. Oh no.. not that good as we expected [no msn, no friendster] and not as bad as we expected =P . We'r entitled to hv 100 Free Printing in Lab. So when u hv finish them then U can pay rm10 to top up for another 100 papers. We hv to go to download notes b4 enter class. Oh btw, all da PC in Lab 2 r iMAG ! [oh gosh ]

We r self-disciplined ^^ Cindy [ She's da Banana of the day XD ]

I was reading uhh ? Su Ann [ms Orange] busy-ing with her sms

2nd day, we dun hv class for MC. But have to attend class for malaysian studies in the afternoon [in malay 1 ..iiks ] It was overall OK [n some boring ..zzz almost fell asleep] ahaha,z It sounds not bad right ? But it actually is SEJARAH [omg ]

wth. Why these days most of my friends r using "WTH" n "WTF" ? lolz. n some others migth use Oh my god.It seems common for us .. until i read a blog frm a friend wic s/he use OMFG. omg, hw come s/he insert the "F" inside >_< I told my friends, We decided to make this world a better n nicer place. Below are our suggestion :

hazel : Sharkks , instaed of s_cks @.@
SA : wat the FISH !
Chris : Oh my * toot .. *
oh, S-w-e-e-t not shit

.. If u have any better NICE word Do kindly tell us , Thanks !

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Orientation in KDU

Day 2 Orientation in KDU College Penang. Nothing special honestly as there r only few students come for June intake. so as usual, team building, talk talk talk .. . rules n regulations Again-no slippers, no spaghetti, no shot, no mini skirts ... bla bla blaa
After the team building I was supposed to rush to work in Qsb. Mom was late. As so, I went to KFC wic is very near to KDU with my new friends.[btw, of cOz i wun eat fast food la hahaz i'm such a goOd girl lolz XD better hear 1st ] ooohws, now only I know's there a KFC restaurant there. [wonder hw long hv i stay in penang.. doubt ]

Su Ann's team is da champion [ won a cute bear , wic looks as cute as her hahaz ]
Miss Cindy with her quick lunch ..arhz, showing her tongue, can't wait to have her food, i guess >_< ] Our new friends from taiping, Cecilia, Rain n NAM .. and another girl is MEL

Saw Su Yun trying the clothes in Padini Concept store with her mom n brother during my break time in work
Saw this 2 very very familiar guys. PG oon n big bad bear. Thanks for "visiting' me larhz, lolz. We WHAT topic oso talk 1 , horr =_='''
yeah, my phone nice leh ^^
Amy [my vistim] or ermmz, a very lucky n kind girl who experience my skills on massages n srcub which I learnt dat day.
For ALL :
We do provide demonstration n massage service , but not facial

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

School holidays (6)

Hmm.. this is my last school holiday as next week onwards I will have "Semester Break" in July n September after Exam.
Hahahz.. Just the different term for holiday they used in Tertiary Education.

Orientation day
Feeling so excited, I swang my bump into mom's car early in da morning. I reached KDU Penang at bout 8.30a.m. Omg, all weird and strange looking faces on me. Feeling quite down at that moment. Most of my friends-pcghs students r gOing INTI, Disted n even TAR college to persue their study. So far. . . .it seems like i'm da only 1 who enter KDU College Penang.
Oh no no, i'm wrong, Chin Fern is there !
yeah yeahh.. She is taking Diploma in Mass Comm too, but she came for the Jan intake, wic means we won't be in the same class =_= "'

nvm larhz I met 2 friends n later on I found out that we'r actually Course mate too ^^
my new friend : Cindy, a sweet girl who is almost same as Jovy, Ballet, dance, piano n singing. Buy maybe she's more ladylike gua . hahahz
Then my old old friend is Su Ann [ my neighbour staying in Lucky Garden, sOrry ya, now only i know XD ]
They were both from Convent Greenlane.

This is Cindy-tse hui `
Su Ann [ I call her Little Anne XD ] Su Ann n I in School of Art in KDU

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

School holidays (5)

School holidays


A customer n her friend come in. When I approach her, she ask : R u from PCGHS ?

swt.. how she know dat? Perhaps base on the stupid hair ? n yea, It is 1 of the reasons n the other reasons r I can speak good english
[wat? i tot i'm consider poor in english leh . curi laugh-ing] , and my INNOCENT look tells her i'm from PCGHS. [ give me a mattress, i want to faint ]

working ..working..working..

My another news is :

I got the scholarship to take Diploma in Mass Communication in KDU, from Nan Yang Siang Pau !! [the name so long >_< ]

Guys, guess wat ?
Peggy called n asked me to confirm with her whether I will accept it and to go for intake in June or August. In detail. . . the June intake is on 9th June 2008 n the Orientation is TOMORROW .


School holidays (4)

Charity food fair for E.M.A.S St.John Ambulance Malaysia.
[EMAS= Emergency Medical Assistance Service ]

I was there :
-to help
-to eat
-as a donar
-as a baker [ aiyaa, the Garlic bread still edible larhz >_< ]
-as a ermmz.. lil photographer too hahahz

I were asked to help. So, I invited Mei Hwei n Wei Ling along to accompany me ^^ [ so dat i won be alone,yeah i'm so clever hehehz] 7a.m.- 5p.m. I was so so sleepy . . . .zzz immediately reached home n after showered, I slept until next day. Oohws . .. the loooong sleep is so nice ~ 1st time "no one" wakes me up to hv dinner n continue to sleep hahahz XD

Some photos I managed to capture :

Prepare the ingredients early in the morning in Foyer.

Darren was cooking his home-made mushroom soup. U can hardly imagine how nice was it, the thick creamy soup with cheese , yumm yumm ] well, he'll be a nice husband i think hahahz.

Keh Sin n Yng Yee [Ks gave me a cheer+weird look]

I got da 1st "ticket" for our counter ^^
Liang Keat n [.. lookid, wat's his name ? ]

Darren's brother who I called him "sifu" as he can cut the french loaf' better n faster then me . ..without much pressure no da bread =_=

Lookid: In Short, I FOUND YOU ..kakakakakz [ devil's laugh]
Yi Ling: .. (in d photo- School selling highest amount of coupons )
Yeh Yeh: Thx for coming to support ^^
And surprisingly, Our stall is da top 4 among all stalls. woOuz, Bravo !