Wednesday, June 4, 2008

School holidays (6)

Hmm.. this is my last school holiday as next week onwards I will have "Semester Break" in July n September after Exam.
Hahahz.. Just the different term for holiday they used in Tertiary Education.

Orientation day
Feeling so excited, I swang my bump into mom's car early in da morning. I reached KDU Penang at bout 8.30a.m. Omg, all weird and strange looking faces on me. Feeling quite down at that moment. Most of my friends-pcghs students r gOing INTI, Disted n even TAR college to persue their study. So far. . . .it seems like i'm da only 1 who enter KDU College Penang.
Oh no no, i'm wrong, Chin Fern is there !
yeah yeahh.. She is taking Diploma in Mass Comm too, but she came for the Jan intake, wic means we won't be in the same class =_= "'

nvm larhz I met 2 friends n later on I found out that we'r actually Course mate too ^^
my new friend : Cindy, a sweet girl who is almost same as Jovy, Ballet, dance, piano n singing. Buy maybe she's more ladylike gua . hahahz
Then my old old friend is Su Ann [ my neighbour staying in Lucky Garden, sOrry ya, now only i know XD ]
They were both from Convent Greenlane.

This is Cindy-tse hui `
Su Ann [ I call her Little Anne XD ] Su Ann n I in School of Art in KDU


Lookid said...

o.O then i shall wish u ~~

hazel said...

hmm, thank yOu in da future ^^ kakakakz

Tse Hui said...

hazel!! cindy here..Sorry yea I din cancel my blog account d wor..See if I got new blog or joirnal then I tell you ok?? aiyo...u say i lady like mana ada?haha..i will paiseh wan ler~~

jėss.T said...

hollaa for the new intake people!! =D


hazel said...

Thanks againz, LoOkid 0.o

weLcOme to be here,ya ok, MUZT tell me if hv.hahaz no ned pai shez la u wun ps Oops kdkd >_< [ Cindy ]

[Jess] , ThanK yOu, Senior - leader !!