Wednesday, June 18, 2008

after 1 week (1)

The most noise rows in the hall -
4th n 4th rows which occupied by MC students >_<

ermm, sOree teacher: Hidayah[Pengajian Malaysia] n Safida [Pendidikan Moral]
SOMETIMES we'r noisy but we still listen to wat u say. I pay attention in ur class. ermm, i can explain this. Mass Comm students r really different. They r active, Extravert, sociable, outgoing, enthusiastic, think a lot ... and ermm . . juz get bored easily xP

Cris n Chris from our class
[Christopher] n [ Kah lun who born on Christma day ]
[pannda ~ ] [ .. complicated guy . . . ]

The Left 1 is Matthew who is malay, indian, chinese . . mix mix mix. . . . @.@ [Mat, Chris,Chris, Jay, Pin Hwei ]

He speaks hokkien dat can make everyone burst out laughing lying on floor. Everytime turn over to his desk, he'll ask "hamisu" n today he said "sei liap" .. dat makes us laugh again n again n we find it had to stop giggling n chucking for a long long time. wakakakakz, n 1 more thnig about Horse.. ermmz, i wun tell it here or else i'll start laughing again ..lolz

Oowhs, ermmz party in class ? Honestly, this is a useful way to prevent urself from falling asleep in class. Trust me ^^
[but not so much of tibits or food.. unless u can finish them.. like we do ~ ]

yeahh, this is my new header` Weeee ~
any comment do tell me o


jėss.T said...

oh my goodness.......... PENGAJIAN AM N MORAL!!

ahahaa. to tell u the truth, no one listens to those two classes. no one pays attn =)

I've taken PA alrdy but Moral havent


hazel said...

hahahahz, i see. wat's ur scroll ?
the teacher always ask us aim for A in the subjects they teach.

gOod luck to u in moral study. The teacher is juz TOO soft n sweet LOLZ XD Thanks for suppOrt ^^

jėss.T said...

my 'scroll'? whats that wor?
my cgpa isit