Tuesday, June 17, 2008

after 1 week

Introduction to Mass Comm.

For this sememster, We only have 1 subject in our course. Therefore, taking MORAL n MALAYSIAN studies is a MUST.

moral- wat ? i have been studying this subject since in primary school and now have to take again when intertiary education ? lolz. totally wrong. The Moral in different, it has the prinsip-prinsip, n who n who's theory to memorize.

Malaysian studies - As i have mentioned b4, SEJARAH! arhh. not exactly history larh. It's about Kaum, Bangsa, Budaya, masyarakat majmuk... and we have to perpaduan lo.. lolz after u have complete ur SPM, i'm sure with ur eyes close u can simply list the points.

1 week in KDU d , KDU Penang lOoks so nice . It's a gorgeous school (when they pay for ur fees hehez >_< ) atleast, I never lost myself there. Our lecturer for IMC is Ruby Tan. She's from Malacca, Master in film production n degree in Broadcasting ,Usm. oh by the way, she is sexy ^^ her hair length is just nice n it's so smooth`

hahahz I could still remember the 1st class when she came in.

" Mass comm students are different. They wear different from the others n they see thing differently . For example, what would u relate black with? some ppl might mean black is dead ? well, for us, Black is s-e-x-y ~ " hahahz .. so wat u think ?

Other than murming bored, bored, bored in da LAN's subject class, We take photos . Wwee ~

[arhhz, so mou liu, so wu liiao ~ ] Hazel, Sue Ann and Cindy

This is da library [where u wun find any Sasbadi, Pelangi, or longman -Secondary school reference books there .. anymore] Alright, it was the 2nd time .. . .wic i was standing in front of the AUTOMATIC door n it didn't open automatically while others can. And until now, i dunno why. Strange, weird, odd, confusing . .. arhz... not dat serious actually LOL. notice the yellow notice there ? There is a box for u to measure ur bag size b4 go in.

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jėss.T said...

hey hazel! it;s great that u've enrolled in our diploma of mass comm too!! =D

wow... looks like u went on a tour around kdu huh? ahaha oh btw, if ur rlly bored, do check out level 4. the instituto the galery or sumth like that. very nice. ful of artworks!


hazel said...

OO, yea! checked d. That's really a nice place. It's amazing, colourful painting n great works of art n scrulptors along the corridor ~

Thanks !!