Saturday, June 7, 2008

Orientation in KDU

Day 2 Orientation in KDU College Penang. Nothing special honestly as there r only few students come for June intake. so as usual, team building, talk talk talk .. . rules n regulations Again-no slippers, no spaghetti, no shot, no mini skirts ... bla bla blaa
After the team building I was supposed to rush to work in Qsb. Mom was late. As so, I went to KFC wic is very near to KDU with my new friends.[btw, of cOz i wun eat fast food la hahaz i'm such a goOd girl lolz XD better hear 1st ] ooohws, now only I know's there a KFC restaurant there. [wonder hw long hv i stay in penang.. doubt ]

Su Ann's team is da champion [ won a cute bear , wic looks as cute as her hahaz ]
Miss Cindy with her quick lunch ..arhz, showing her tongue, can't wait to have her food, i guess >_< ] Our new friends from taiping, Cecilia, Rain n NAM .. and another girl is MEL

Saw Su Yun trying the clothes in Padini Concept store with her mom n brother during my break time in work
Saw this 2 very very familiar guys. PG oon n big bad bear. Thanks for "visiting' me larhz, lolz. We WHAT topic oso talk 1 , horr =_='''
yeah, my phone nice leh ^^
Amy [my vistim] or ermmz, a very lucky n kind girl who experience my skills on massages n srcub which I learnt dat day.
For ALL :
We do provide demonstration n massage service , but not facial


Lookid said...

no miniskirts.. owh swt =.=
u are a good girl?.. owh swt =.=
provide demonstration n massage service? owh swt =.=

conslusion: OWH SWT! =.=||

hazel said...

heyz, u really SWT la, LOO-SWT !

Anonymous said...

Gambatek! ^_^