Wednesday, June 11, 2008


hiie my fellow friends,

I'm now in SASS - School of ASS [wth ]
SASS = School of Art and Social Sciences , which located at 2nd floor.

Actually, i was plenty nervous. But orientation and those group tours by major made it alot less nervous, because you could just tell other people were nervous too. But then again i'm very perceptive. Just don't think everyone is judging you and you'll be alot more happy and better off. =D . Ahahahz, I'm still da same Hazel, still a pampered child- siao siao in Class but can suddenly turn into silent mode XD

This is da 1st week in College. The time for our classes is 9-11a.m. n 3-6p.m. I was like What ? In between where should I go ? sleep ? arhhz, so on da 1st day, after IMC- Introduction to Mass Communication, Sue Ann , Tse Hui n I went to Library.[ woOuz, 1st day only u know ? ] Each of us lent a book -The dynamics of mass comm.
And after dat, when TH went out with her Elwin , SA n I headed to Computer Lab. Oh no.. not that good as we expected [no msn, no friendster] and not as bad as we expected =P . We'r entitled to hv 100 Free Printing in Lab. So when u hv finish them then U can pay rm10 to top up for another 100 papers. We hv to go to download notes b4 enter class. Oh btw, all da PC in Lab 2 r iMAG ! [oh gosh ]

We r self-disciplined ^^ Cindy [ She's da Banana of the day XD ]

I was reading uhh ? Su Ann [ms Orange] busy-ing with her sms

2nd day, we dun hv class for MC. But have to attend class for malaysian studies in the afternoon [in malay 1 ..iiks ] It was overall OK [n some boring ..zzz almost fell asleep] ahaha,z It sounds not bad right ? But it actually is SEJARAH [omg ]

wth. Why these days most of my friends r using "WTH" n "WTF" ? lolz. n some others migth use Oh my god.It seems common for us .. until i read a blog frm a friend wic s/he use OMFG. omg, hw come s/he insert the "F" inside >_< I told my friends, We decided to make this world a better n nicer place. Below are our suggestion :

hazel : Sharkks , instaed of s_cks @.@
SA : wat the FISH !
Chris : Oh my * toot .. *
oh, S-w-e-e-t not shit

.. If u have any better NICE word Do kindly tell us , Thanks !


Anonymous said...

Silent Mode ^_^

Lookid said...

nice suggestions i can say, as well as LAME!!! WT* x)

SaNta RaBbiT said...

hey hey, guan lai u went to KDU d hior, haha now only i know. No wonder din see u at skul lar..lolx

jėss.T said...


hazel said...

[shen, lookid] ThanKs !

[santa rabbit] yea ya, i tot i told ur brother d ? lolz

[Jess] Oohz, dat's a great 1 ! [swt =_="' ]

Chin Fern said...

Haha. I always scold Shit. I think it's very nice to say. Shit Shit Shit Shit. Haha. But i realise now i like to say alamak too. Haah.
Alamak! Exam is next week. Alamak I just realise u have a blog.

hazel said...

aduii, this char boo.. ahahahz. I think It's much more better for u to say " milk milk milk !'
[fernleaf milk] wakakakkz