Tuesday, June 24, 2008

sketch ? our favourite !

hmm.. these days start to be lazy blogging d
[omg, how can i ? ] slap slap slaPzzzZzz !
Xcuse me , did i say slap myself ? I can slap other thing or ppl 1 marr. Ahahahaz..siiao @.@

oh before this, tadaaa~ this is our team for the Briefing about team building - IMPACTO !

Then, We have sketchs for Malaysian studies. The tittles r in the circle of races, cultures, n religions.
Chistopher, Chris, Matthew, Pin hwei, Jay Lim [ n another friend] 's team : the wedding ceremony for Christian.
Pic: Chris the father guided n lead Pin Hwei[daughter] walked towards the priest ["father" Mat ..a.k.a. Mad MaT ] XD
Sam's team : Muthu, pls dun dieeeee ~
the 1st pic : * hitting the thief *
..another team wic ermmz.. the friends visited the patients who lied on chair instead of lying on bed(table?)
Followed by, the story about the born of Buddha by Wayne n his fellow friends.
Pic: Budhha asked " mana pokok ? "
instead, the 3 members become 1 tree. Cute right ? ahahahz, atleast it was stronger then our [paper] Christmas tree. Kakakakkz xP 1 of the groups dat gave us burst of laughing.
Frankly, The "wedding" n "christmas" group was well prepared. Yeah, cLaPzzz, Well dOne guys ! Thanks to Cindy as she planned the speechs, attire n the video clip [pannnnda ~ ]
Unfortunately i dun have the photos about the presentation for our group. Sigh.
Anyone who able to capture some nice view ? IF there is any, then send to me , Thanks
hmm.. it's time to zZzzz . .againz . ..Zzz .. .


Lookid said...

wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu o.O sketch! x)
tell u a secret, u dun tell others ya..
i dun like sketch! lolx! slap me lar! x)

(p.s. soli lar OOI!) x)

hazel said...

iiks.. hahahz u'r KID , i wun sLaPz u =P

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