Friday, April 29, 2011

Luxury bungalows on water

Best in their class: The Majesty 56 (left) and Majesty 88, berthed at the Straits Quay Marina for The Nautical Lifestyle Show 2011.

Luxury bungalows on water

As an assigned event management service provider, I'm so glad that I get the chance to get a boat ride on Majesty 56.

Majesty 56 and Majesty 88 manufactured by Gulf Craft Inc from the United Arab Emirates.
measuring 17m and 27m and capable of top speeds of 31knots and 29knots respectively, fetch price tags of USD$1.25mil and USD$3.9mil.

Pen-marine managing director Mr.Oh Kean Shen pioneered the concept of Boat Sharing for those boat lovers who loves boating but not willing to invest so much in terms of time and cost.

Looking at Asian as a potential market, Pen-marine and Gulf Craft organise a Boat Show at Strait Quay Penang from 30th April to 2nd of May 2011. Viewing of the Majesty Yachts is available from today until Monday, from 10.30am to 5.30pm daily, by appointment only.

For further information, call Sam at 019-4511188 or Wendy at 012-5510797.

Well appointed: A visitor making herself comfortable inside the VIP Cabin of Majesty 56 while checking out the ship's brochures.

Part of the post extracted from Jeremy Tan, Star.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Love Labels

I somehow feel it's a scam because I didnt get what I successfully bid for.

I was 'lepak'-ing at websites yesterday and I discovered something great to share !
It's !
I'm amazed by this new online concept. It’s like an auction, an online bidding process for various items like electronic, fashion, food & movie vouchers etc!

How does it work, you ask?
You register an account with them.
You purchase bid credits (it’s at RM2.00 per bid, you can buy them in bulk and it gets cheaper the more you buy).

Then, you browse the site for items you’d like to bid, and wait for the bidding time. When bidding time comes, you log in for a bidding war... The bidding time is very short i.e. 2 minutes, whoever the last one to bid (which also the highest) will win the item.
Don't worry, they even has a page that tell you how it works.
Just log on to you'll get excited and know how the process goes like I did !!

p/s: fingers crossed to get a new bag before christmas!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I have just created my first set at
It's fun to mix matching clothes without having the trouble of cleaning up the mess in ur own wardrobe.

Polyvore makes it simple for you to add professional, magazine-like spreads to your blog. You can quickly and easily create outfits or collages using the Polyvore editor, which gives you access to a huge library of products and images. Then you can embed those collages on your blog just by copying & pasting a snippet of code, without having to waste time uploading images or embedding individual links.

Oohw, this is fun!
I'll try out to mix out other sets when I'm free. hahahhaz

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Off day

FINALLY (he said)
I have break time after working part time continuosly every saturday n sunday for a few months.
hahahz. I quite enjoy myself doing nothing at home other than eating, sleeping, watching drama with mom on pp stream and cleaning up mess in my room.
wat a relaxing day ~

I were doing blog walking n I discover this very good blog.

Here's something to share !

A very cute n pretty gal blog about make up tutorial videos n skin care review.
I always come across Jill Stuart mascara n curler in Japanese magazines like Mina, Popteen, Vivi n more.. . .
Thus, I want this so badly!
Fingers crossed* wish I can get the Jill Stuart Curler n Mascara!

Monday, October 11, 2010

October 2010

Apart from the special day of 10.10.2010, this is quite an interesting month for me!

Starting with the indoor photo shooting with brother..

Yeaa.. was trying out different style, Louis suggest sweet punk =)
ermm.. well, as for the editing part, I would like to explain, I hv to practise more for it. hahahz

Next, family dinner at Steamboat Buffet (火锅之家) consider a new steamboat restaurant within Penang, which is located in Macalister Road, opposite UMNO building Penang.
It was a random suggestion from mom n surprisingly we make it dat day (I was always busy with part time n college work)

Town Steamboat Restaurant serves all kind of steamboat food for customer to cook, like prawn, fish, oyster, different kind of meat ball, fish ball, crab ball, cuttlefish, chicken, beef and a lot more which is nearly impossible for customer to try everything. The most excited part is Town Steamboat restaurant also serves a great variety of already cooked food, for example Dim Sum (点心), Satay, Egg Tart, Paper wrapped chichken (纸包鸡), fried nugget, fried fish ball, fried Wan Tan (云吞) etc. This is another credit for those who lazy to cook but loves to eat.

The Tomyam soup is much more spicy this time compared to my last visit there with my girls (Ee Leng, Karyn, Sai Ye, Vivian, Serene, YeeHoong.. )
Price: RM18.90++ /pax
No way to leave out a moment with group photo ^^
My current/most recent project from Epromode- Palmolive!

more updates ..

Stay tune.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog update!

Dices Production !
Yes, that's the production house for our June & August 2008 Mass Comm Intake.
We have Crumbs and 360' production teams under this production house.
Each team creatse a 15mins documentary for our final year project and 10 commercials from both teams.
Although this last semester with only 1 subject has only 1 class n 1 tutorial for each week, it's not that free after all. Most of the NEM (news writing for electronic media) students are now quite busy with the filming thing.
First, went to Jennifer Henson's house for birthday party, then went there next few days to get eh location shooting. hehehz, 1st time filming was very much excited and much but things were so messy, didn't prepare well. I learnt that coordination is very important. We should have discuss more detail (venue, camera angle etc..) before we do the on location shooting. We had wasted so much time on the 1st day.

Came back from shooting again.
Before I end this, I hv to say that I'm still very excited and happy that we successfully make a surprise party for Vivian Khor YunYing!
Serene came out with ths awesome idea and planning for her. We got her bf to come here n meet her! Last but not least, old friends like us (Khai Hern, Woei Chyuan, Kok Oon, Calvin, Zheng Ying, Yee Hoong and Me) went to YY's house for gathering.

Sorry, I didnt get any photo today.
This is YY's pic wearing my glasses. hahahz XD