Monday, October 11, 2010

October 2010

Apart from the special day of 10.10.2010, this is quite an interesting month for me!

Starting with the indoor photo shooting with brother..

Yeaa.. was trying out different style, Louis suggest sweet punk =)
ermm.. well, as for the editing part, I would like to explain, I hv to practise more for it. hahahz

Next, family dinner at Steamboat Buffet (火锅之家) consider a new steamboat restaurant within Penang, which is located in Macalister Road, opposite UMNO building Penang.
It was a random suggestion from mom n surprisingly we make it dat day (I was always busy with part time n college work)

Town Steamboat Restaurant serves all kind of steamboat food for customer to cook, like prawn, fish, oyster, different kind of meat ball, fish ball, crab ball, cuttlefish, chicken, beef and a lot more which is nearly impossible for customer to try everything. The most excited part is Town Steamboat restaurant also serves a great variety of already cooked food, for example Dim Sum (点心), Satay, Egg Tart, Paper wrapped chichken (纸包鸡), fried nugget, fried fish ball, fried Wan Tan (云吞) etc. This is another credit for those who lazy to cook but loves to eat.

The Tomyam soup is much more spicy this time compared to my last visit there with my girls (Ee Leng, Karyn, Sai Ye, Vivian, Serene, YeeHoong.. )
Price: RM18.90++ /pax
No way to leave out a moment with group photo ^^
My current/most recent project from Epromode- Palmolive!

more updates ..

Stay tune.

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