Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog update!

Dices Production !
Yes, that's the production house for our June & August 2008 Mass Comm Intake.
We have Crumbs and 360' production teams under this production house.
Each team creatse a 15mins documentary for our final year project and 10 commercials from both teams.
Although this last semester with only 1 subject has only 1 class n 1 tutorial for each week, it's not that free after all. Most of the NEM (news writing for electronic media) students are now quite busy with the filming thing.
First, went to Jennifer Henson's house for birthday party, then went there next few days to get eh location shooting. hehehz, 1st time filming was very much excited and much but things were so messy, didn't prepare well. I learnt that coordination is very important. We should have discuss more detail (venue, camera angle etc..) before we do the on location shooting. We had wasted so much time on the 1st day.

Came back from shooting again.
Before I end this, I hv to say that I'm still very excited and happy that we successfully make a surprise party for Vivian Khor YunYing!
Serene came out with ths awesome idea and planning for her. We got her bf to come here n meet her! Last but not least, old friends like us (Khai Hern, Woei Chyuan, Kok Oon, Calvin, Zheng Ying, Yee Hoong and Me) went to YY's house for gathering.

Sorry, I didnt get any photo today.
This is YY's pic wearing my glasses. hahahz XD


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