Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Love Labels

I somehow feel it's a scam because I didnt get what I successfully bid for.

I was 'lepak'-ing at websites yesterday and I discovered something great to share !
It's !
I'm amazed by this new online concept. It’s like an auction, an online bidding process for various items like electronic, fashion, food & movie vouchers etc!

How does it work, you ask?
You register an account with them.
You purchase bid credits (it’s at RM2.00 per bid, you can buy them in bulk and it gets cheaper the more you buy).

Then, you browse the site for items you’d like to bid, and wait for the bidding time. When bidding time comes, you log in for a bidding war... The bidding time is very short i.e. 2 minutes, whoever the last one to bid (which also the highest) will win the item.
Don't worry, they even has a page that tell you how it works.
Just log on to you'll get excited and know how the process goes like I did !!

p/s: fingers crossed to get a new bag before christmas!!

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