Tuesday, June 3, 2008

School holidays (4)

Charity food fair for E.M.A.S St.John Ambulance Malaysia.
[EMAS= Emergency Medical Assistance Service ]

I was there :
-to help
-to eat
-as a donar
-as a baker [ aiyaa, the Garlic bread still edible larhz >_< ]
-as a ermmz.. lil photographer too hahahz

I were asked to help. So, I invited Mei Hwei n Wei Ling along to accompany me ^^ [ so dat i won be alone,yeah i'm so clever hehehz] 7a.m.- 5p.m. I was so so sleepy . . . .zzz immediately reached home n after showered, I slept until next day. Oohws . .. the loooong sleep is so nice ~ 1st time "no one" wakes me up to hv dinner n continue to sleep hahahz XD

Some photos I managed to capture :

Prepare the ingredients early in the morning in Foyer.

Darren was cooking his home-made mushroom soup. U can hardly imagine how nice was it, the thick creamy soup with cheese , yumm yumm ] well, he'll be a nice husband i think hahahz.

Keh Sin n Yng Yee [Ks gave me a cheer+weird look]

I got da 1st "ticket" for our counter ^^
Liang Keat n [.. lookid, wat's his name ? ]

Darren's brother who I called him "sifu" as he can cut the french loaf' better n faster then me . ..without much pressure no da bread =_=

Lookid: In Short, I FOUND YOU ..kakakakakz [ devil's laugh]
Yi Ling: .. (in d photo- School selling highest amount of coupons )
Yeh Yeh: Thx for coming to support ^^
And surprisingly, Our stall is da top 4 among all stalls. woOuz, Bravo !


Lookid said...

偷拍小王子被偷拍,owh swt!!! =.=||

hazel said...

oh yeahh `` kakakakakz, 那份满足感非键盘所能形容 ~

hazel said...

oh yeahh `` kakakakakz, 那份满足感非键盘所能形容 ~

SaNta RaBbiT said...

wah some more mentioned me ar? lol lol, happy nia, haha