Monday, October 27, 2008

Sleep Deprivation

continuosly working for weeks. freaking tired.
I'm so lacking in sleep today that I feel hung over. Like my body isn't functioning properly.

Last night after work in Origins [where met dat pretty much image-conscious guy- Eu Han], mom fecthed me to her friend[Aunt.Lily]'s friend [Siva]'s house.
After tried on all the indian cuisines. . . it's chating again ..zzz
The uncles uncles there said i was so quiet.wakakakz, of course la, i'm such a GOOD girl first sight. lolz Oh gosh, I could felt my eye lids were so heavy that I wondered how strong was the earth gravity at that moment that led to this potent pulling force.

Riiight now, I'm in the magical thinking stage of trying to deal with sleep deprivation.
1st time post my blog in college lab, freaking boring n freezing cold. meOw: " i'm ready to crawl into my bed at anytime "
.. zzz

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