Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My blog is not dead YET !

N days have passed. Mid-sem is over in a blinking of an eye, oh, how time flies~

so . . . . . . It's holidays again .weheee ~

Instead of

Queensbay beach or waikiki beach .. . . . .

Poor college students who r still spending their parents' money(e.g. us ) for sure cannot afford to go oversea for a short holidday trip laa..

swt. well, for a few seconds, i feel proud to born in the second smallest state in Malaysia after Perlis- Penang, an island colloquially known as "The Pearl of the Orient". Why? Penangites would never not acquainted with Batu Ferrighi Beach`

... sitting on rocks n passing around the food n boxes of snacks. Challenge, tough n yet rewarding. =)

Few days later, YunYing was back !

well, as usual, we hung out to red box and loitered around Gurney Plaza.
Unfortunatelly, I had to work on that particular day so I left the gang earlier when Sai Ye n Yy went to fetch that well known as Superior lady-Yee Hoong.

sigh. That day ended. However, I was still lucky enough to attend our gathering though i had missed the 2 previously gathering.(so sorry)

oh NO, i was wrong, they ultimately change location n went to Queensbay Mall! lolz. That meant I met them againz~ blaa ~

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