Monday, July 20, 2009


This is Wayne's and my first time to experience low cost airflight

Our experience is satisfaction. It is almost like a normal flight but with limited space in your seat. The other key difference is that they don't serve food but they sell. We don't mind, cause anyway, it's a good time to sleep, chat and enjoy the view from flight =)

The saving is almost 50% compared to the normal airline. So it make sense to travel low cost airline for short trips.18.7.2009 Jetstar departs from Penang International Airport to Singpore and reach there in an hour fast

It's good to travel in an airplane during day time as u will be able to see the land, sea, ships and sun reflection on water, nice view* The plane was nearly full - but not that bad until suffocated , lol XD The shuttle from Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore Hotel came to pick us and the other 9 teams of contestants to the Hotel.
Before I forget, this is how the 4 star Hotel looks like.

After check in our baggage, immediately we went out to the bus station and there we started our 1 day adventurous trip in Singapore!

The nearest MRT station near to Marine Parade Road is Eunos-EW 7
Bus fair - $ 1.00
View of this clean city from MRT
Lunch at the station - $5.00 for two

A shopping mall in Bugis


Pisces - The Fish ,17 MaRch 1989 said...

New update, thankz dear^^

lookid said...

selling food on the plane? hahax! so special!

overall, it is indeed a worthy trip! xP

hazel said...

but of course the things sold there are not the same price as we get usually

serene said...

heyyy!!! i wanna go singapore!! how to get the low cost air ticket to aussie??? lol

hazel said...

TQ Serene, They also have low cost airflight to Australia, juz go to the website n check it out, girl! lol XD

Anonymous said... lil picts oni. wonder how much was the room rates like. wish to go 1day. hehe