Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For the past weekends..

I'm still working continuosly for the weekends
All work no play makes Hazel a dull girl ? NO !
So much fun i had.
I met the Sunshine mascot both in Sunshine Square and falim! =)
It's freaking fat and yet looks so sweet~ [with the flower]
Next, I worked for May -Lam Soon udner APE- wei yang n christopher
Thanks, Chris, for the chance to ... ermm.. let me wear that outfit wic really caught tons of attraction.
Met Sue Ann, Jessica And Wayne who worked for Colgate

Pictures of us working...
Jessica- Colgate sensitive Sue Ann- Colgate Plax
Wayne- toothbrush 360' [Vivien, Chris' gf- my customer ! ] Hazel- May -White Radiance
Celebrate my elder brother- Louis' Birthday !
In Azuma [ quite disappointed with the service, compared to the previous visit]


lookid said...

aiyer.. the fat bee mascot looks so cute!!! hahax!

hazel! long time din leave u a comment d, hihi! x)

hazel said...

hahahz, kid !

call u "kid", u still soUnds so small to me..
ya, the mascot is super duper cute, u hv to eat more u know, let him be ur role model
kekkekz XD thanks ya

hazel said...
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