Wednesday, May 14, 2008

1st week being a L6 student

1st day :
200 L6 students include 38 students from SMJK Phor tay
[ hope they might have a nice time in PCGHS hahahz XD ] n few students who juz come n TRY
welcomed by principal Ms.Yeoh Eng Sim
welcomed by Miss Ng.
rules n regulations by Puan Chan
introductin [once again] to our school counseller , Ms.Lee bee Suan

2nd day :
introduction to Chinese
first lesson for Physics , and another class for account
[ omg sO bOring n it acts like a sweet for ppl who suffers from insomnia ]

hahahz, the 1st word teacher said is Physics is not an easy subject. She even calculated for us dat a student should spend 1 day equally 5.3 hours to study Physics alone.
n so sOrry.. to dat quite ok-looking teacher, Kin Ying n i fell asleep. We can't bear it, while the other "A4S' members sitting next to us listen her word until .. almost holland[i think] XD
btw, not our fault, Auditorium wic is equiped with air-con makes us feel too comfortable [omg the smell of the wet carpet inside . . . can't bear it ]

altogether 36 chapters for form6 physics .
1) Mechanics [ the most difficult chapter, as she said]
2) Waves n oscillation [students find it the most diff chap cOz it covers all calculation]

tips from teacher : students should not study more then 40 hours in a week,but atleast 8 hrs a day
chinese : 除非功课已做完,否着不离开书桌

3rd day :
instead of staying in Auditorium listen to Biology subject, KY n I "curi-curi" ran to class B8 as we know Commerce studetns are going there for talk on Pengajian Perniagaan [pp-business study]consists of 2 papers. It is easy to pass it but not to score an A. Instead, for Ekonomi subject [ekon] almost 50% of the students scored A for it [ imagine-ing we'r inside the 50% . . . . ] muahahaahz
Later, we asked Ms.Yee to hv a look on our Reasons to switch stream. She commented too weak. SO, we went to photostat againz n tried to follow her experince for our senior :

Alasan :
Saya langsung tidak berminat dalam Sains.

.. @.@ like this only will success in changing ur stream wOrzz.. ok la, did wat she told us lo. 2 weeks later then we'll know this point useful noot.hahahahz
.. before say bye bye to my hair = =


Lookid said...

bye bye to ur hair! x)
tips from lookid: a person shud not slp more than 10 hours a day. or else he or she will not healthy. ^^ swt... =.=

hazel said...

WHO u mean huh ? hahahz thanks =_=