Friday, May 23, 2008

wat should i do ?

U were always in my mind, I had always put u in the 1st place. I tried n tried n tried to enter ur heart. During my studies in secondary school, u looked so attractive n inviting to me. I heard good things about u. Rewards, achievements all with ur name. My heart jumped for joy everytime i think of u. My lips curled into smile. There was laughter in myeyes. My heart fluttered like the fragile wings of butterfly whenever i see u in my day dream.

Of course, i have other choice other then u. But there, I patiently waited for days, weeks and now months but still u never come to me. And so, I decided to choose the other way to step in my future [without u ] yea, i dump u. I chose to leave n go on my own way. I realised u'r not that perfect that i expected. I'm fine now and i'm settling down.

Today, when I have another beautiful picture lurked into my mind [without u ], i receive a call :
" Yl, We have an interview on the coming wednesday in KDU for NAn Yang scholarship"

wth... stare blankly. NOT AGAIN pls. Why now only call me. arhz, not nightmare again pls. My previous reply from astro: [nigthmare-bad news]

Dear Hazel Lim
Thank you for your interest in our Astro Scholarship Program. Unfortunately, you have not been selected.We received many applications this year and we had a most difficult time selecting this year's recipients.
Once again, thank you for your application and we wish you continued success in your academic and professional aspirations.

Director, Human Resource

U= college SOrry for some friend out there who tot i might fell in luv >_<>
On the phone, her last advise: U dun hv to attend if u'r not interested

gosh, wat should i do ?


Lookid said...

wat shud u do? my advice, let u urself guide ur future....(seems like it is a no-advice advice)

but choose or not to choose, i still support u. x)


Anonymous said...

Think about what u want and go for it. ^_^

vivian said...

well go for it if it's offering u what u want. but plz dun be like me. go then withdraw again. good luck! =)

SaNta RaBbiT said...

Liang! i came! link me yaa^^

hazel said...

[lookid] hahahz, better then nth, Dr.Loo =P

[vivian] okayz, know wat to do d ^^

[santa rabbit] linked d hehehz

hazel said...

Thank you shen , da smiley really lOoks like u , ahahahz `