Friday, May 30, 2008

School holidays (2)

Attend Basic First Aid Course [day1]
well, I juz have my re-exam on first aid last year. And i dunno why i was attending the course Again with them lolz.
The course was held in the hall. And surprisingly, They have chg to LCD projector d , wat a good news. hahahz,[soree too long away from st.john] n they have updated , clapZzz . .
and even the toilet has renovated hahaz. thus, Wei Ling n I decided to take photos when in toilet =_="'

What I do when feel too bOring ?

yea.. photos photos ~
Me, Siew Khim n Wei Ling
The form6 pcghs st.john member 2008

Oo, we took this in Wei Ling's RED kenari

Wei Ling , i n Siew Khim

Solo time ~

Wei Ling with her RED kenari


We miss u all so much !


Lookid said...

st.john T hur... o.O swt... =.=

SaNta RaBbiT said...

Liang! lol, u look young in da photo..(i wonder y?)

hazel said...

loo: hahahz, Finally i saw u d .. lolz XD
sanat rabbit: Thanks . [but ur praise sOunds weird] =_="

Lookid said...

not onli saw me, but oso, 偷拍 me. hmph! x(