Sunday, May 4, 2008

24th April

this day, my birthday

a good date as a very good excuse for Ee leng, Karyn to hang out with me
a good day as to gather together with few of us ^^ include YY, ST, SY, MH except yh n ah soong . but we'r still young, still have lots of chances to meet together [ dat's wat i always say ]

We had our lunch at Pastamania [ i suggsted] where the 5%service tax is excluded there. Other than the usual hang out in Gurney, we went chat. We chat in the restaurant, chat along the way where we were walking, chat while looking for goods, and chat even we were in Mcd. AND we really DID. hahahz, this was wat i have always been lOoking for. No entertainment, no loud blasting music, but just talk like we were having pillow talk or we didn't seen each other for ages .

Laughters, cheers and happy chatters reverberate the mcd >_<

girls, DO update ur news ya !

Thank you :
Sai ye - Sundae ice-cream
Ee Leng, Karyn - u girls planned this few month before
Yy, St for ur attendance & lunch , kakakakz ^^
Yh, cs,mh - thanks for wishing on time >.<
made a silly wish : i wish everyday is birthday as during bdae, we can get together againz

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Lookid said...

happy birthday! (crow fly over) =.=
so lame~~~~ XD