Tuesday, May 27, 2008

School holidays

school holidays ~
yeah yeah..
arhhz, seems nth special to me. =_= As i juz started my form6 for 2 weeks n now holidays 2 weeks.. .againz .. n hv to wait for another 2 weeks to noe whether i can switch to cOmmerce class.. zz
24May2008 [ 1month after my bdae]

WE met again. Guat pheng , the birthday girl on 21st May celebrate her birthday on this day. Then, we'll nvr miss Ee leng n mei hwei in da gathering anymore. [ _____ st, the blank space is for u , lolz hope next time u can drive to meet us ] .. n oso sai ye n yee hoong [no need work too hard la harr(i'm different =p) ] chang soong, understand dat u hv exam, all da best ya `

so. . . . laughter n chatters again, yeah. As what the girls always n enjoy to do dat ^^
da obvious different for da past 1 month: MH n my hair is shorter but EL n GP's hair is longer =_=
Having lunch at a Korean restaurant right beside the Gurney side entrance. Ee Leng was cooking it [ahahz, i guess we dun hv a better cook there ] We'r da "sisters", friendship maintained at 12thyears. [haz"EL" 4ever ] XD

The Mango [pudding?] we ordered. Ee Leng really loves it .
The Free models for Wong Kok's advertisement .
Friends, remember to keep in touch o ^^
Leng, thanks for update news with me atleast once a week [thanks to Mr.Tan (ur dad) I know u can make free calls hehehz ]
As I's hearing ur Orientation days in SBS n SOT, It seemed so much fun to be there. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there, but thanks again for sharing, I know u girls enjOyed ur days. feel so glad bout it. Enjoy ur life in college ya `
SBS-School of Business Study
SOT-School of Technology
1 of da cheer I learnt: [cantonese]
1,2,3, 3,2,1
lei wa SOT tak ng tak, Gan hai tak lar ! XD


Lookid said...

free models 4 wong kok? owh swt! =.= (a short comment, paiseh)

hazel said...

Unfortunately we dun hv group photo. Next time tell u den u cOme n take photo for us larhz lolz

Lookid said...

o.O 我拍照的方式只有……

偷拍 x) 笑出来大声 =.=

vivian said...

yerr enjoy er u guys, when was that? envious envious x)

hazel said...

24th May, 1 month after 24th April where We hung out . Yy, i miss u very very much indeed !kakakakz