Thursday, May 15, 2008

Life in school-auditorium

[ Hardly believe myself sitting further n further away from teacher ]

arhhz, going to stay in the auditorium for 2 weeks, before enter the science class. Then stay another 2 weeks before I know whether I'm allowed to switch to Commerce [aka Art stream]

so just. . wait..wait.wait. . .

Mathematics S&T

teacher : Mathematics is Easy. [ chehz. For her, SURE larhz ]

but u know wat EASY means ?


YEs,You can do it !

hahahz, dat's the meaning for EASY =_="

Wat to do when u'r nervous in exam - by Kin Ying

Take ur right hand across ur left shoulder and "cubit" , massage ur earlobe on left and vice versa.
Model: Ys n YH
[ do exactly wat they were told hahahahz. XD ]

The timetable.

It is going to have lessons on chemistry, Economy, and MUET tomorrow. [ mayb i'll run away from chem n go econ class? hahahz .. well, shhh. . . ] To my surprise, Ms.yee is teaching Econ in Tanjung [ means good ? ] okayz, all da best for tml ^^ [hope I won't fall asleep =P ]


Lookid said...

u wun fall asleep is fake er lar! x)

hazel said...

iiks, u kua sueii wa` arhz. hahahz, da only day i awake during the whole talk =P