Wednesday, April 1, 2009


During the last sem break, Christopher, Cleo, Cleo's baby- JEremy n I went to have Photo shooting around Penang.
LOL, sounds so great, but we were all late for the activity we'hv planned.

Anyhow, we still managed to go to Botanical Garden and Corn Wallis to get want we want. hehehz

Things not to be left behind, of course is the entrance of our natural park- Botanical Garden, a place wic
Here are the photos of the lovely couple, flowers and scenery from Penang Botanic Gardens.

The 72- acre gardens are famous for their flora and Long-Tailed monkeys which roam freely.
these photos taken by Cleo. [refuse to stand together with big size guy =p]

*meow *

A picture worths a thousand words.
so.. there r so many photos here. how many words, calculate urself lah.
lunch time ~

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