Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back from blog break

Did my blog have a short break? Ermm, it didn’t apply, but I guess it has a self-approved annual leave. LOL wtf

Anyway, here are some updates to share with my blog visitors.

Thaipusam replacement holiday. Christopher, Jay, Su Li n I had our PR Campaign discussion in McDonald Greenland. The discussion lasted bout 30mins, then Jay started to teach me some stuff in Photoshop, Chris taught his friend bout other course assignment, after Jay went back to hostel, it ended up in the following drawing.

The 2 hours in the well ventilated but quite pack and crowded fast food restaurant had brought us back to our kidult hood, with simple, sweet and innocent images in our mind. Apart from fairy tales, we swiftly moved into our imagination of the old past beautiful scenery of house with the usual 2 windows and 1 door, car with only 2 wheels, tree with the leaves formed a round shape and cover on top of the branches and many more.

..Ermm, just a random shot about a guy checking out hot chicks in Friendster.wth.

Hahz.. Panda’s not alone any longer.


crick crick, crick crikZzz..
this is so random...

It was 1 day before St.Valentine's Day, Our Mass Comm Club memebers and other clubs' members were selling some handmake stuff in foyer, "tunner" n in cafeteria in KDU Campus.
Handmake cupcakes ! Attractive and colourful Snacks but it's tooOooo sweet .

Mr.Irwan Dahili's class is interesting but sometimes we juz can't help ourselves from dOing odd but enjoying stuff like. .. this . LOL
For the time being,
All da bEsT for assignments n presentation ! ~

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chrishuang said...

love those drawings! memories! lol...