Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Year

New Year eve, a time for looking back to the past, most importantly, looking forward for the coming year. 1 of my new year resolutions - Spend more time with my love ones- family n friends.

New Year Eve
Reunion Dinner with Relatives - aunty, uncle, cousin-bro a Chef Deputy from Four Seasons Hotel, Langkawi and cousin-bro who's doing internship in Hilton Kl, Degree HnT in KDUpj.

This year we did something unsual which is dined in Passion of Karala (aka The Banana Leaf) in The New World Park. Yes. They served vegetarian set in Rm5.50 in Banana Leaf, but if u wish to have mutton curry or fried fish, u can order them as ala carte.

New year 1st day
Stay at home whole day with mom and spent my whole day being a couch potato- watching Tv

New year 2nd day
Went to Aunty Lily's house to have steamboat as dinner. Thought anther boring day, but later that night went out movie with Wayne n meet a nice and out-going girl- Irene n Shaun or Don ( sorry, can't regonise well but still remember 1 of them wear specs1 ) wth, hazel >_<

3rd and the following day i would just kept to my friends n myself ^^ However, these days so great to me and were not forgetable.

Basically I Guess everyone's ways of celebrating these special days are almost the same ? GAmbling..


Pisces - The Fish ,17 MaRch 1989 said...

i'm glad that u got a nice CNY,let's keep the 3rd and 4th day of CNY secret^^

hazel said...

*whisper* hahahz alright, at da same time, special thanks to you here =)